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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Learn, For The Lack There Of Leads Speedily To Death

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No one is complete of knowledge. Those that think they are are worthy of being held at a distance. The unwillingness to learn is a lie. To sin is to miss the mark you are aiming at, but to outright dismiss your target and shoot the person next to you is evil. I consider often the possibility that I might be wrong about somethings, that there is always something more for me to learn and that I should always be open to possibilities. I have experienced those that feel their knowledge is complete and they are often bitter, angry, volatile and alone. I do not want to be that person. I recently read about the extensive benefits of learning new things in regards to brain health. The more often you learn the more active your brain is and, like the body, the more you exercise it the healthier and younger it remains. Time seems to fly by as you age. The older you are the faster time goes by. As we grow older we tend to seek out new experiences less and less, practicing, rather, the same things habitually which makes time flow by faster because of less energy required to direct to new things. The young constantly undergo new things, new adventures new landscapes. The brain takes time to process and invest in what has just been received, what has just been learned. As our experiences become more familiar, more habitual, we need not exert as much energy processing, thus time goes by un-noticed.  Pressures of learning new things generally fall under time constraints or management. We are aware of time when we learn new things. We understand the time that we do not know, the time that we would like to know, the time that we are beginning to know and the time that we know. When what we know becomes habit it seemingly steps outside of time. Time flows by unbeknownst to us. The expression "Youth is wasted on the young" is wrong, youth is wasted on those that refuse to learn. If this really is true than death comes quickly to those that really do refuse to learn. Feeling old? Learn something new. Pick up a new book. Learn a new skill. Learn more about those closest to you. Learn who it is that walks their dog past your home. Learn who you really are. Learn, for those that believe their knowledge is complete may just be the devil. 


Kmarie said...

Love the life of learning with you ... xoxo You have excellent points and I love sharing wisdom with you.

CalledtoQuestion said...

And I with you. You provide me with much learning. :)

Ben said...

Fascinating to think about the pathways that form in the brain as you learn new things and develop new habits. It seems as though your brain is a dynamic and ever shifting organism that is highly adaptable to taking in new information. It's too bad then, as you say, that we often fall back on comfortable habits instead of learning something new, assumably because of the discomfort it involves. I read once that London cabbies' brains are larger in memory centres than the average person's because they have (or used to have) to memorise the streets of London (a process that took a year of probation/study, I think). It's an encouragement to me that it is possible to forge new patterns in the brain and that, essentially, you're never too old to do so! Thanks for sharing.

A BBC article on the study can be found here: