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Sunday, February 4, 2018

I Believe...

*this image was taken from thesuperstitiousnakedape. Click the link to discover even more fun.*

(The Bible is pretty messed up at times, but than it calls us to something radical like loving one another, being humble and telling us to watch our damn mouths. Yes, people pick and choose the verses they like and those they do not, but when have we ever fully accepted everything we have heard from another's lips or read from the pages of a book, or dare I say it.. seen on 'social media'. If we are even slightly honest with ourselves we would admit that we are, all of us, a little full of shit.)

I believe in marriage. I believe in the union of two consenting people committed to each other through hardship and good times. Whether man and woman, woman and woman, or man and man let them be married and let them be welded one to the other, ever striving to keep that bond joined. For a good read with similarities to this check out, The World We Create "The Art of Living"

Let them be married, I say, and let no one tear asunder.