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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump's Wall Has Got Nothing On God's

If you are a Christian you believe in a God. You believe God sent his son to die in order to take upon the sins of mankind. You believe in an eternal destination after this life on earth. Now you may have differing opinions than others on the many theological areas of Christianity, but for the most part you all agree with the statements just made about God, God's son and eternal destinations. If you believe these things then we are going to run into a bit of a complication in just a moment. You see many Christians I know have denounced, outcried and protested some recent actions of President Donald Trump. For the most part this is just fine by me, I am no supporter nor, however, a denouncer of Mr. Trump. What irks me most is the contradiction of these Christians and their beliefs particularly when it comes to the eternal destination of Heaven. Have you read what the bible states about heaven? About who and how people get into heaven? About what happens to those who do not get in?  Where my annoyance gets heightened, is when these Christians become enraged by Trump's ban or Trump's wall. They denounce it. They scream out at what they call an injustice. They speak out about the love and care of Jesus, about caring for the alien, the poor, and the needy. 

So, I am Curious? 

What right does any Christian have to oppose Trump's ban or wall while along beleiving in a God that turns people away. A God that tells people who call him Lord that he does not know them and not only turns them away but sends them to a place of eternal torment that he created for them. At least Trump is not torturing anyone(at least not yet). God has created the biggest wall and the greatest ban. Where are the riots for that? What about the man who begged to enter Heaven after he had already died? Was he not thirsty? Was he not in pain? Where is the Justice there? Where is the love? If you think Trump is bad, I can point you to one who is so much worse. And they call him a God of Love. 

Curious, indeed.


Kmarie A. said...

Its called Cognitive Dissonance and it is a curious phenomena indeed.

Although, it's hard to see the dissonance in oneself and I feel for many of those who are truly trying to live authentically but do not study enough to see their own contradictions. IF they see them and accept the contradictions (which makes them less judgemental) then I can live with the decision for them to still believe. That is their choice and the contrasts maybe appeal to them and that is fine.

Of course there are also people who believe like Naked Pastor whom have a differing take on all this and they perhaps have a very different faith that some would categorize as a Christian but may not be what is typically and traditionally thought of...

Yikes though, this post would not make any of them happy:( No one loves to have their cognitive dissonance pointed out and of course then they say all you have to do is accept God's grace and you are saved...but of course the layers go much deeper than that... I think most have a tough time questioning themselves because it is far easier to question others. Which is why I am glad I know you enough to know that you asked yourself the hard hitting questions before asking others...Anyway, my heart skipped a bit at this it wont be popular in the majority we are surrounded by but sometimes the hard hitting, short questions and contradictions need to be asked. I suppose I am glad you have the bravery to ask them.

Tim B. said...

What I find interesting is the way people tend to poject their own beliefs on things. This is the reason for the Rorschach test used by mental health professionals. My point, like yours ( I think), is that those who are judgemental tend to believe in a judgemental God.