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Sunday, November 6, 2016


I awake from my nights slumber. Another day begins. The sun begins its drowsy ascension in the east. It has work to do. What will this day entail? What will be it's outcome? The answers to these questions, no one can discern. For all that we have is the time that has been given to us. The here. The now. 
How often do I ponder how to live out my day? Not what I will accomplish. Not where I might end up being. Rather, it is in the how that I must place my attention. How might I accomplish? How might I arrive? How might I be. I am not considering a process of steps as though life can be accomplished through the following of a play by play guide. No, I am considering the How, as important as considering the Now. How might I love or not love? How might I play or not play?. How might I work or not work? I must ask myself "What would I be?" and as Epictetus encourages, I must then do what I have to do. 

I would like to be gentle this day. 

Gentle: Mild in temperament or behaviour, kind or tender. 
Kind, Tender, Sympathetic, considerate, understanding, compassionate, benevolent, good-natured, humane, lenient, merciful, clement, mild, placid, serene, sweet-tempered 
"His manner was gentle."

I am a passionate person. It can be a difficult thing being gentle when so much of me wants to either explode with rage, love, sorrow or joy. There is, of course, times for these but there is always time to be gentle. I imagine that in all things gentleness should be the base of all emotion. Gentleness should be the master of all feeling and action. It is good to rage from time to time, but to do so gently. It is good to love but better to do it in gentleness. To be gentle is to stop and consider. The gentle person decides what they should do after examining the current situation through the lens of what they are, gentle. The answer of the gentle is well received whether the answer is agreed upon or not. On the other hand, an answer from the uncontrolled is often disregarded and the giver of the answer held in contempt. 

I want to be gentle. Now I must do what I can in order to be so.