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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This Is Your Fate.

Fate is that which is but is not. It is because it is, but is not because it is not. That is fate. Fate does not control you, no, you simply are and so there too is fate. Fate is not like God, it does not guide nor predetermine, it just is. Fate is you and you are fate. We may have grand ideas of what we might become believing it is our fate, but on our way to it we collide with the fate destination of another and that than becomes our fate. Fate is what is, it is you. It is fate that you are reading this. It is fate that you are either angry by this, happy or merely entertained by my ramblings. So as Nietzsche encourages us to do "Love your Fate..." for that is what you are. Those who love their fate can live without regret, treasure the now and aim towards possibility. 

You must both lose yourself in fate as well as be your fate.

"My formula for greatness in a human being is Amor Fati: that one wants nothing to be other than it is, not in the future, not in the past, not in all eternity." - Nietzsche 


Kmarie said...

Other than Spinoza - he is my fav philosopher...
Love this. Love my fate. :)

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Kmarie
He is pretty great.:) I love my fate also, it was my fate to love my fate, to love my fate, to love my fate.;)