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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sober In The Presence Of Inebriated Believers

(*Please note that I have many relationships with professing Christians that are incredible and marvellous. I would not be the same without these. That being said the difference between these relationships and that of those of the Christians of whom I challenge is that the relations that are close to me are based on the human experience not theological doctrines. Those of whom I love relate to personal humanness, they are real, they are what they are and pretend nothing else. Incredibly they are happy to be human, happy to be on this earth, happy to strive to enrich themselves all the while never changing who they are. They are present, and I LOVE that about them. I may challenge them as they challenge me but we always see the other above philosophies, theologies and doctrines.*)

While I am not saying I am an atheist, the above drawing resonated with me. 

Do you ever feel like you are the only sober one in the room? Would you, being sober, dare to enter a vehicle driven by a drunk and filled with passengers that are drunk. Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of the back seat surrounded by drunks while the drunk driver swerves to the left and then to the right. At this point even you as the sober one are getting ready to vomit while being filled with fear of when the likely crash will occur. You offered to drive but they refused you. You are forced in the back seat and told to quit oppressing them by your safety awareness. 

Well, this is what it feels like being the odd one out, believing differently and living out ones own life. When the majority believes one thing and you hold to a minority view you become the sober one. You often feel like the sober one amongst a car full of drunk believers. The driver swerves here and there with a logic somehow deemed logical, the drivers vision so impaired by the consuming of the 'Spirit' that innocent pedestrians are being ran over by a doctrine that tells that the sober victim is to pay for the crime of the drunk driver. Meanwhile you are bombarded by the spewing of theological vomit by the drunk passengers. God this, God that and God wills it. Retch this, Gag that and Regurgitate. You begin to wonder, why are you here with the likes of these?. Can you escape? How? will you survive this journey? Well the crash comes, all goes blank for a time until you find yourself  awakening knowing that somehow you have survived. You see your fellow passengers and see they too have survived but are yet still heavy into the drink of their beliefs. It is now you make your decision, you are done with this, done with the beliefs, done with the abuse, done with the death threats. You are free from their burden but now you are alone, hurting from the crash, hurting from the abuse. You are not alone. There are others who are sober, others who know your pain, others who have travelled a similar journey such as the one you are on. 

There comes a point where you cease to enter that vehicle, cease to be a part of that church and cease to be part of that faith. Cease to be part of that abuse. 

Jesus does not want to take your wheel nor does he want any other to take your wheel. He wants you to drive. Be who you are. Be real. And for the love of 'god' DON'T drink and drive under the influence of theology. ;)

If you must have a co-pilot, then by all means....


Kmarie said...

Lol this cracked me up...but its such a true parody...being in both life mentalities- I can understand that when in it- many are thinking that they are walking the straight line in front of the authorities when really they are all over the's a tough thing to step outside one's box to see how one is perceived. Now I can see how I was to some, and know from how I used to believe before- how we are to most now...This was a great way to present it.

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Kmarie

Why thank you. Yes, I remember those days as well. Oh how things have changed. ;)