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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Does Your God Love You Just As You Are?

I was looking through my library this morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in one hand and the other carefully searching through the magical things we call books, looking for something to pop right out at me. I was, of course, in the section of the library where all the books are written for the lost heathen, rebellion is worse than witchcraft, woo unto me for I shall perish because I once was saved but now I am lost, and, last but not least, I am the devil leading others astray individual. I have a marvellous library, really you should check it out. It be breed'n all dat der satanic learn'n stuff. Dem read'n folk can't be trusted wit all dem big ol' words an stuff. [Now that I am done all that.] Well, something did pop out. Literally it popped right out, and landed on my foot, you know the sensitive bone part of your foot just before the toes, the spine of the book landed with the combined fury of all furies right on that spot. If I was ever to get angry at books it might have been at this moment. But I am quick to forgive, for who could remain angry at a book, unless of course that book so happens to be any one, or the collective, in the 'Left Behind' series. (Enough, jabbering.) I picked up the book, turned to its cover, and saw that it was a children's book that we used to read to our children a long time ago. The book's title, 'God Loves You'. (Now! Now! Hold on just a minute! I know what it is your thinking, your wondering if that book wasn't divinely made to pop out in order to fall on my foot as some sort of divine message to me or at the very least be a divine irony. Let me put your mind at ease, this was no conversion experience, my guess is that 'shit happens' and 'gravity's a bitch'.)

I began reading the book(you know, for ol' times sake) and found the message to be quite a beautiful little message. It was a simple and child like message. A message free of all the grown up theological bullshit(I can say that word because the apostle Paul said it first). It is a message I can get behind, one that doesn't even require someone to believe in a deity to see the importance of being and loving ones own self. 

So here it is. Enjoy! 

God Loves You
Kathleen Long Bostrom

You can be silly or you can be sad.
You can be merry or you can be mad.
You can be grumpy or you can be glad.

God loves you just as you are.

You can be short or you can be tall. 
You can be big or you can be small. 
Your size and your shape don't matter at all. 

God loves you just as you are.

You can be messy or you can be neat.
You can be poky or fast on your feet.
March with the others or to your own beat.

God loves you just as you are.

You can be dark or you can be light.
You can be shades of the day or the night.
Whatever your colour, it suits you just right. 

God loves you  just as you are.

God made each part from your head to your toe. 
Day in and day out he is helping you grow.
God made you special and that's how you know:

God loves you just as you are.  

My question to you is this, 

Does your God love you just as you are?


Kmarie said...

And that's why I kept that book - when long ago I was disposing of other kids propaganda...I kept a few similar and even a few conservative for future discussions...but that one was a basic self acceptance book with God as the accepter...which I heard in my own youth but then all the sermons contradicted otherwise...and the behaviours that were supposed to be conformed to....For instance anger? Anger was a no no unless of course you are Jesus in the temple but Jesus can handle anger...yet we could have been taught that anger is normal and constructive if used appropriately for growth and change. How to manage our anger in the healthiest ways. Or bitterness? We were taught that the bitter are not followers of god because how could they be- yet the doctrine itself is full of bitter statements. Or we assume that sarcasm and irony are bitter when in fact just another expression. There are so many expressions that are under the sanctions of others. That is not freedom. That is not love. There is such a concern not to insult that instead the restrictions are so high to not even allow one to BE. Which one is worse? At least if there is insult- one can communicate that, speak upon the pain, implement boundaries and move on with or without the other person. There is always an element of choice...but who can escape the tyranny of ABA like therapy ( just add another B in there and it seems like an apt choice of words too:)

If there is an ultimate threat of eternal damnation there can not be an ultimate love- and yes yes I heard all the justifications of that dichotomy in school. I know how to argue the other way- but why would I want to? Besides, I know I was not allowed to march to the drummer of my own beat...I couldn't be poky on my feet either...there were many judgements, expectations and sanctions for stepping out of the box, being different or just BEING. It took YEARS of therapy to get over the wounds of religion in my childhood to a person like me...and some of it was well placed...but it's not ok. And I feel for so many children in that mind warping conformity. Even the children who get other perspectives at home (which I did) or in school (unlike my experience) or with friends or in travels. It is STILL damaging to not allow other expressions, books, educational tools and perspectives. It's why I kept some of our Christian books ( a small handful) even if I disagree- it's important to have that freedom for our kids to still choose to read those too. To restrict that way would also be unfair. However, discussions on all sides will ensue of course:) Just like they would with other material...

I love the beautiful simplicity in the poem above. If only it were true in the many manifestations of religious zeal and belief today...

CalledtoQuestion said...


When reading this book I was aware that Christianity is not this. There are people within Christianity that are like this but Christianity itself does not resemble the poem. Christianity has restrictions that DO in fact apply. Fail to comply leads to rejection, ridicule and damming judgement.

I see some of those Christian books in our library and I am happy they are there. We learn from our past, live in our present and step towards tomorrow. Besides, how does that saying go, "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" ;) lol

Yes! If only it were true, if only.