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Friday, January 1, 2016

Alpha Book of 2016: Let the Reading Begin.

Well it is 2016 and the first book of the year that I am reading is "A Hidden Wholeness" written by Parker Palmer. I am fortunate to have received many books over the holidays but I felt that this book was one that I wanted to begin the new year with(Plus I quickly finished one of the books I had received before the new year and I am glad to say that it remains in 2015.). 

Books our wonderful. They are the oasis along life's sometimes all to draining journey. They are the places of contemplation and inspiration. From rest to resistance, from great sorrow to great joy, books can make a difference in ones life that no other thing can. So yes, I love books. Books are my bible and the bible is my books. Sacrilege? No, book(s) is what bible literally means. But now I am diverting away from why I began this post in the first place (I have a.d.d.).

Back to the first book of 2016, Parker Palmer and "A Hidden Wholeness".

As I previously stated, I thought this book would be a great book to begin 2016 and so far it has not disappointed. The call to become the undivided self is a call I hope everyone heads. Palmer often mentions living "divided no more" where we cease to be that of what we believe others think we should be, including ourselves, and actually just be who we are. Now the tricky part, at least it was and is for me, is discovering who we are. This is no easy task, as Palmer will point out, because for so long we have been avoiding our true selves, that since the vulnerability of our childhood we have learned that vulnerability can lead to much hurt and so in order to avoid that hurt as we grew older we began to get lost in the disguise of false self.  Now we must discover our true-selves, the undivided self and that is no easy task to undertake. We must journey through the past examining it and filtering out the moments of falsity from the moments of trueness. This is strenuous for if we are truly honest with ourselves we are still afraid of that vulnerability and we continue to fear hurt, even the potentiality of it. This can be a process that either begins to set you free or a process that sends you ever deeper into the lie. As Lady Galadriel says to the remaining fellowship of the ring as they take rest in the woods of Lothlorien, "...your quest stands upon the edge of a knife...." so too does ours.

I am excited as I continue to read this book. I find great value in the discovery of oneself, for how can we be of benefit to others if we are of no benefit to ourselves. All this to say I wish you all a Happy New Year and a year that is filled with many wondrous books.

What book begins your 2016?