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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I used to be of the Christian mindset that woman was made from man, for man. I prayed and searched for a woman that was a godly, pure, and most importantly submissive; all the things a woman of God should be, right?

Well, things did not work out as I had planned, instead of a submissive woman I married a Fiery woman, instead of a pure woman I married a Real woman and instead of marrying a God like woman I married a Goddess. So glad my wife did not click "submit". I see many Christian women stifle their desires, their wishes and/or pursuits for the will of their husbands. "All hail the King".

My advice to women do not click submit! My advice to men, do not be dicks by making your wife submit.


Kmarie said...

ha ha...yup never did have that button on my device did I?:) I know you love me that way tho! I love you so much. awesome post.

Kmarie said...

p.S. Love that you called me fiery, real and goddess ish but now I have to be in competition with my self!:) I am so glad I married a counterpart who is just as real, fiery and Thor ish:)