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Thursday, September 3, 2015




I often wonder, "If Jesus returned to earth years after his death would he even have recognized the followers or ideals of what he taught. Or would he have looked at Paul and said "Ahhh Man! Paul, what the f!!k did you do!?!." 

I don't think Christians of today understand how much of what they believe and do is actually Greek and Roman Philosophy rather than the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was a Jew after all, he was most certainly not a Christian. In fact he never asked people to be titled Christians but rather, simply, to follow him. To refer oneself as Christian would have been absurd in those days. The term Christian is to mean 'follower of Christ' but do "Christians" of today actually follow Christ or do they follow Paul? I think a more fitting term to refer to themselves, rather than Christians, would be "Paulanity" the 'followers of Paul'. 

In my opinion I think Paul has gotten the better of Jesus, despite how buff Jesus looks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I used to be of the Christian mindset that woman was made from man, for man. I prayed and searched for a woman that was a godly, pure, and most importantly submissive; all the things a woman of God should be, right?

Well, things did not work out as I had planned, instead of a submissive woman I married a Fiery woman, instead of a pure woman I married a Real woman and instead of marrying a God like woman I married a Goddess. So glad my wife did not click "submit". I see many Christian women stifle their desires, their wishes and/or pursuits for the will of their husbands. "All hail the King".

My advice to women do not click submit! My advice to men, do not be dicks by making your wife submit.