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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Face of Religious Terror

(I discovered this at thesuperstitiousnakedape blog. Click on the link to discover a wonderful world of thought, dialogue and fun. When I think of John Zande and his "The Superstitious Naked Ape" blog I can think of only one word that suits it best, "Classic". Seriously though check out his blog, browse through his posts and take a look at his new book The Owner of All Infernal Names: An Introduct…)

I will admit, it took me awhile to figure this one out (My excuse was that it was late at night). I kept reading the words thinking the answer was in the words but when I looked at this in its entirety then I finally understood. It was like an Ah-ha moment, and when the scales from my eyes were removed I could finally see. 

Do you get it? What do you see?


Ashe Skyler said...

I see a little girl learning how to read and write, and another little girl in a very uncomfortable collar and lopsided pigtails looking at a microscope. I understand the point of the top half, I've actually been through an uncomfortable conversation with a very traditional Muslim man who did not approve of me doing anything but being a mom, housewife, and reading the Bible all day long (well, Qu'ran, in his case). Even though my first church was pretty traditional and fundamentalist, I'm still missing the point on the bottom half unless it's the usual religion vs. science stuff. I tended to block most of the stuff out when I was going to church because I was bored out of my head.

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Ashe

I think you are right and I think that a very similar concept applies to the girl with the microscope. I believe that the general idea for both is that the fundamentalist muslim, as well as the christian, fear an educated woman. An educated woman is dangerous to them and viewed as a threat. To teach young girls leads to educated women. Heaven forbid ;)

Kmarie said...

Love that you are a voice to what you see and are a huge advocate of gender equality.