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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day to you all.

There are no valentines day cards that say it better than the Lord of the Rings.

So true honey. 

Whenever I feel in a dark place, all I have to do is call your name and I know you'll be there. You are my shining light.

You are, indeed, my love, my sweet, my PRECIOUS!

Yay, you are Hot, Smokin'!

What a wonderful storm we create together. Let us go into many a battle together.

Keep those doors open, babe. Let me into your heart.

Never let go of me baby, no matter how scatter brained I am. 

For those who are so inclined, this ones for you. 
Valentines Day is for all to celebrate. 

I love you babe with all my being. I only wish I could love you more. You love me for me and inspire me towards more. I could not ask for a better Valentines this day. While the day may not be full of grand extravagant gestures it will be a day of sharing our lives together through small daily acts of living, building, nourishing and entertainment. These small things are perhaps the grandest of them all. I love you. I love our life. Happy Valentines. 


Kmarie said...

This is so you...and you are rift- the simple gestures are what make day to day life with you fantastic. I can only think of a handful of our days in our entire marriage when there was not a moment in our day of at least a glimpse of romance or tenderness. that matters so much. Thanks for all your handwork, humour and stunning presence in my life. I never have to live more than 24 hours without you and have not had to breathe without your essence surrounding me for 14 years. I really do not think I could live without you and anytime it passes the 18 hour mark I feel your absence. You are really my soul mate and the air I breathe even if that air sometimes makes me choke a bit (LOL)
Love you.