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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

God in a Box

(This drawing was done by David Hayward. You can find more cartoons like this one at NakedPastor. Brilliant, simply brilliant.)

No matter how hard one tries, God can not be put in a box. And yes, that includes the most popular box...the Bible. It also includes the church and even the very name 'God'. As well, it includes Christianity, religion, song and hymn, prayer and servitude, love and hate. If God fits into the confines of any such box, that is not God. Yet we continue to try to fit that box around the infinite possibility, but as soon as we do, we eliminate the potential for possibility, for mystery...for so much more. 

God has no religion
- Mahatma Ghandi


Kmarie said...

So true!

Tim B. said...

One of my "Core Values".