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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

C2Q: The True Meaning of Christmas?

Called to Question invites you to attend:

Called to Question
The True Meaning of Christmas: It May Not Be What You Think?

Is Christmas really what we think it is? 
Is it really about Santa, baby saviours, virgin births, presents and/or Christmas trees?

Join in for an evening of discussion about the "true meaning of Christmas".

Philip Ewert,
 Clinically diagnosed with having Awesome syndrome

7:00pm December 6th, 2014

The usual
(If you are unfamiliar with this event and would like to attend please contact us and we will give the location upon your request.)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


"If we live in a world where certain things are not subject to question, we live in a world where thinking has stopped."
-Lawrence Krauss

Question everything, and when you believe you have questioned all that is questionable, question even that. 

To question is not to show a lack of faith, quite the opposite, it is a sure sign of faith. 

Answers are like week old leftovers. Questions are a fresh feast.

To understand answers as temporary is the viewpoint of someone who can look past the confines of logistics to the expanse of possibilities.

Not all answers are good, whereas all questions are never bad.  

See the question mark curve and sway, always endeavouring night and day. 
See the explanation mark stiff and straight, never doubting or hesitate. 

Do not be afraid to question, nor to doubt.