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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Spookiest Haunted House.....Ever!

Very, very Frightening!

Want to see a haunted house? Like to be afraid? Looking for a place to take your children for Halloween and give them a good spook? Well, look no further than a church nearest you. That's right. Enter a church and you too can experience a frightening, bone chilling, nail biting experience. What do they have to offer? 

1. The partaking in drinking the blood and eating the flesh of a man.
2. The presence of a ghost or spirit.
3. The continual torment of a man being crucified on a wooden cross. 
4. The decoration of tombs and torturous instruments i.e. nails, crosses, whips and spears.
5. The practice of the art of back stabbing your fellow attendees. 
6. The repeating chants of the same message over and over again.
7. The practice of cursing others to eternal torment. Fire, Fire and more Fire.
8. The promise of being raised from the grave. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!
9. The promise of demons.
10. The continual pressure for you to die. 
11. The promise of being possessed by a spirit. 
12. The need to wear a mask. 
13. The fear of light(i.e. reason.)
14.  The reciting of incantations. 
15. Tales of sacrificing children.
16. Punishments the doubters.
17. Communicating with the dead.
18. Self mutilation

The haunted Church guarantees, "One HELL of a time!" 

Can you think of more? 

*Please note that this post is all done in good spooky fun. While you may not agree that what I have written is fun and/or good, one has to admit that some of the practices within the Christian church, especially from an outsiders perspective, do seem to be rather odd and perhaps even grotesque. 

Happy Halloween Everyone
And Beware those Churches! ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Do You Ever Wonder?

I feel like rhyming this morning, don't judge me if its boring. I know it may be cheesy, and it may just make you queasy. I have never been very good at writing poems or rhymes, but in doing so I have committed no crimes. At least I hope.

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what life is all about?
Do you ever wonder without a shadow of a doubt?

Do you ever wonder what the day will hold?
Do you ever wonder if there is truth in what your told?

Do you ever wonder if you will find joy?
Do you ever wonder about your favourite childhood toy?

Do you ever wonder if there is a God?
Do you ever wonder what it means to be flawed?

Do you ever wonder why the sky is blue?
Do you ever wonder if what you see is true?

Do you ever wonder if you could ever be famous?
Do you ever wonder if you could be nameless?

Do you ever wonder if you could be wrong?
Do you ever wonder where it is that you belong?

Do you ever wonder why we go to war?
Do you ever wonder why we always have to settle the score?

Do you ever wonder what to wonder about?

I do.

We all wonder, some more than others. It is, in fact, impossible to go through the day without wondering. It is a question of whether we are, or are not, aware of are wondering.