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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Twelve Years Married

Twelve years married and I would not change a thing.

The story begins longer than twelve years ago, indeed, it all began in May 2001 thirteen years past. I was finishing up my last year of high school at the local public school. I had applied to a near by college in order that I may attend the upcoming fall of 2001. Well, that May I received a letter of acceptance from enrolment at the college, but this was no ordinary letter of acceptance. Oh sure, the regular congratulation of approval was all there and I was happy to receive it, however as I continued to read the letter I was amazed to discover that another congratulation had been issued to me, I had been accepted to court the director of enrolments daughter. I was astonished, excited and full of wonder as I had not the slightest idea of who the director of enrolment was nor who his daughter was.  (And she had no idea her father had added that to the letter. We did not know each other. Her father knew of me though and thought we would be a fun match.)

Immediately my curiosity took the best of me. I could not allow a moment to pass without searching out who the director of enrollment was and if his daughter was attractive enough for myself to desire any form of pursuit. So I inquired the best that I could from the people I knew (I am no Sherlock Holmes), but eventually I discovered that the daughter worked as a cashier at the local grocery store. The same day I discovered where she worked, I knew a visit to the grocery store was in order. So, dressed in my best baggy pants, my cleanest, and slightly too tight, muscle shirt (I was in much better shape back then) and branding my skateboard I rode down to the store, bought something entirely useless and made my way to the cash register where she was working. She was absolutely stunning, the most beautiful women that I had ever seen. She had become aware of what her father had done at that point, with the letter, much to her embarrassment, and knew who I was, so when I arrived at her cash register there was a bit of embarrassment on both our parts but I tried to play it as cool as possible. As I was leaving the store I turned around for one more look at her radiant beauty and as I did she smiled a smile that put the glory of all angels to shame. I will never forget that trip to the grocery store nor that majestic smile on that beautiful woman.

That letter and that grocery store meeting were the beginnings of a wonderful relationship. Just a little over a year later from that meeting we were married and beginning a new journey together. When we got married I was a month nineteen and my wife eighteen. We were a year out of high school with no real direction but we knew we loved each other and that was all that mattered. And so here we are twelve years later still married, with three wonderful children, and a home to call our own. My wife is even more beautiful today as she was when I first met her. I have discovered not only her outward beauty but her inner beauty as well. She is one of a kind. Life really could not get much better.

Now those twelve years have not always been peachy, rather there have been many struggles and hardships for the both of us. My poor wife has had to deal with my A.D.D. and intensive depression, but she has lovingly stuck with me. Many said we would not see it past five years but we proved them wrong.

Thank you my dear wife for being married to me for these last twelve years, you're the best. Happy twelfth anniversary.

(This picture taken yesterday on our pre Anniversary Date.)


Kmarie said...

I wanted another look at you and when you turned around and caught me starring I couldn't help but smile hugely at our interesting beginning;) Ever since that moment no one can bring a full smile to my face quite like you. ;)
It has been a magnificent 12 years... The struggles making the good times even more poignant.
You are such a handsome, muscular (wink wink) strong, humorous, wise, loving and gentle man. I am honoured to traverse life's arduous and magnificent paths with you;)
I adored our date yesterday. You still have the power to make me shine... And I hope I do the same for you. It's a joy to be in this life and I know that you have protected me and my Aspie spirit from many things. You have aided in breath when I stopped breathing for myself. As I have also sometimes breathed with you.
You are my warrior setting boundaries when I was too tender to do so. You have seen me as an equal for the last decade and I enjoy our healthy camaraderie. Our simple life is the stuff I dreamed of. It's hell when we don't get along but it's worth every moment when we traverse through with constant communication, humour and love.
Forever yours;
Your Kmarie

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Kmarie

Agreed, my love! You are wise and have taught me much. I love you so incredibly much, more than all other things, you are my inspiration and you give meaning to my life.

Tim B. said...

Congratulations! Philip and to your lovely wife. 12 years is a good mile stone. Looks like your raising a fine bunch of “Heathens”. ;-)

“May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!”
An Old Irish Blessing

Again Congratulations (yes, I’m part Irish on me mother’s side)

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Tim

Thank you so much Tim for the congrats. I love that blessing! God Bless the Irish!

"...a fine bunch of "heathens"", indeed! :)

Amy said...

Happy happy happy anniversary to you and K! I love the way you both love each other... even tho I know I have only seen this from afar, it's been such an honor to behold. Here's to many many more years of loving to each of you.

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Amy

Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes! Here is to loving each other for many more years. Thanks for being apart of our lives and sharing your beautiful words through emails, blogging and comments. It is always a pleasure for my wife and I to share friends like yourself and others. Friendships are as much a part of a marriage as the two who are united to one another.