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Monday, June 16, 2014

Deconstruct Your Mind(I'd Deconstruct That)

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.
- Nietzsche  

I think the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, founder of deconstructionism, would agree with Nietzsche's idea and encourage each one of us to deconstruct our mind. Unfortunately  deconstructionism has received a bad rap amongst christians, analytical philosophers and anyone else who likes absolutes, but what many of these fail to grasp is what it really means to deconstruct. To deconstruct is to take something apart, a belief, a institution, a way of living, or even a building. This process, I feel it is important to note, is not a destructive process like the demolition of a building but rather the careful and observatory process of removing a building piece by piece. It recognizes what was put into to the original building, thought, belief or religion as it is separated from it. To deconstruct is not to destroy or mutilate but rather to open something up to the possibility of possibilities. It is to allow that thought, that belief, that religion to be free of all that is set upon it and all that hinders it from becoming. 

The mind that is not open to changing opinions is the mind that refuses to take the leap of faith, to step upon the water, or simply the mind that chooses not to live, not to experience or not to taste the sweet, rejuvenating waters of life. To live is to think, to think is to live, to cease to think is imprisonment. 

So like, Nietzsche and Derrida before us, I encourage us all, every now and then, to shed the skin of our minds in order that we too may be open to the possibility of possibilities. 

The lie is the future, one may venture to say[...]. To tell the truth is, on the contrary, to say what is or what will have been and it would instead prefer the past.


Kmarie said...

Brilliant:) Maybe this is why we change our mind so much- lol:) We are open to possibilities:)
Even though I was joking above I do believe that it is very nice to be married to a man who has become increasingly aware of possibilities and changing opinions...I would feel caged otherwise. Thank you for being that partner for me:)

CalledtoQuestion said...

@ Kmarie

Yes, yes it is Brilliant! :) I think your right, we do change our minds ALOT! A.D.D., got to love it. I am glad that I am married to someone that is full of possibilities such as yourself. You have helped set my mind free from so many things. Your the best, love!