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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is a noteworthy day. Today marks the birthday of a very special friend, Nathan Bonney. Nathan  and I first got to know each other over a few drinks at a local restuarant about five or six years past. It was a 'Man'date that led to an instant friendship. Our common interests in philosophy, theology, beer, bonfires, family and our desire to wear our hearts on our sleeves has brought about a deep and wonderful relationship. 

When I think of my friend, I think of how wonderful a husband he is who cares deeply about his wife and his relationship with her. I think about how he loves his children and is always quick to brag about their latest adventures. Nathan is a brilliant scholar, philosopher, and theologian. I have never met someone who can think so intently upon intellectual matters while retaining the relationships around him.  His intelligence never interferes with his ability to relate to others. While others may not always agree with his perspectives he never makes them feel less or other than him. He always makes people feel human and real. Never content in the mediocre he is not afraid to challenge the 'establishment' and encourage the best in all people. 

Nathan, I am so thankful that you are my friend. Thank you for all the phone calls and your dedication to our friendship. You are a Wonderful, Fantastic, Divine person, Nathan. 

Happy Birthday, Good Friend, Happy Birthday! 


Kmarie said...

I am also thankful he is in your life and ours. He is such a loyal and true friend to you...also balances you out nicely as he seems to be similar to me in many ways- LOL! So a great pairing...Just like my best friend can be similar to you in many ways. Good compliments.
Happy Birthday Nathan. Thank you for lifting my husband up when he is down, showing him acceptance in any phase of his life, disallowing shame in any secrets he shares with you, empowering his beliefs and family life, and encouraging him to be the guy he is right now. We love you and your family and are so glad that life connected your path to ours.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- True words. We love you and your family, Nathan.

Grant said...

Great tribute to a great friend.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Thanks Grant! He really is a great friend. It takes a wise person to see that so you must be wise. :)

Nathan B. said...

Dude, this is really kind. Thank you! I did post it on Facebook.

Talk again soon!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Nathan B.- Glad you liked it, I meant every word. Hope your birthday went well and that your evening was a success.