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Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone.

 May the fourth is officially the day to celebrate all things Star Wars. 

Star Wars has always been some of my all time favourite movies, minus episode one through three (I'm sure many others will agree). I was introduced to the movies at a very young age, probably too young, by my oldest brother who loved the movies. Star Wars did not quite frighten me as much as other movies I somehow managed to watch (probably when my parents were out of the house and all my older siblings wanted to watch a movie without the presence of mom and dad. I learned a lot that way).

So from the young age of six or seven Star Wars has been ever constant in my life. Who can forget those catch phrases like "use the force", "may the force be with you" and for all those poor boys named Luke whose names will never be forgotten and will always be related back to Star Wars, "Luke, I am your father". There is really no way to fully understand the impact Star Wars has had on my life and on the lives of so many others. I mean there is hardly a day that goes by when I do not reflect on the scene in episode five where Luke has been captured by the abominable snow creature and hangs from the ceiling in the creature's cave. As Luke awakens from the blow to the head he received from the creature earlier he finds his light-sabre in a snow bank far out of arms reach. Unable to free his feet from the bondages that hold him hanging from the ceiling, Luke relaxes himself, extends his arm toward his light-sabre and using the 'force' is able to retrieve his light-sabre, free himself and destroy the creature that is just about to make a meal out of him. Ever since watching that scene I continually find myself, somewhat secretly, trying to use the force when something is out of my reach, like the tv remote, tool at work, or tucking my kids in at night. My eyes close, I clear my mind of all distractions and concentrate on the issue at hand. At first nothing works but within minutes I feel something, some unexplainable type of energy begins its workings, the force has begun. However, it is not exactly the way I would have liked the force to function. Instead of doing what I wanted it to do from a distance I find the force getting me off my ass and moving my feet towards the, remote, tool or task I need completing. So you see the 'force' is real.

I can recall the excitement leading up to the release of Star Wars episode one in movie theatres. I was in grade ten and some friends and I skipped school (sorry mom and dad) to go see it. I suppose it was the large time gap in between episode six and one that led to high expectations but what I witnessed in that movie theatre was more frightening than all the scary movies I watched with my siblings when my parents were out of the house. It was not because it was scary but because it was so terrible. If only I could wash the memory from my mind. Episode one thru three is like the younger brother to episodes four, five and six who just will not leave you alone (yes, I realize that I am the younger brother, whatever! It is the only analogy I could think of.) You may not like it, but at the same time you just can not get rid of it. It is a part of the story. With the new episode seven coming in December 2015 we will see if Disney can do a better job of representing one of the greatest stories ever.

My favourite characters have changed on and off throughout the years. When I was younger my favourite was, of course, Luke Skywalker. My favourite movie out of episode four through six was episode six. I loved the cute little Ewoks in that third movie. But now that I have grown up my new favourites are Darth Vader, Han Solo and Yoda. My wife is an avid fan as well, more so than I. I do not know how this marriage would have lasted if it was not so. :)

Anyways, just some sporadic thoughts on this Star Wars day.

When did you first watch Star Wars?
Who are your favourite characters?
Did you like episode one through three?
Are you excited about episode Seven?

May the force be with you, better yet May the fourth be with you!


Kmarie said...

May the Fourth be with you also!:) Oh I adore you! This was so fun...ugh I never liked Luke...EVER...he drove me nuts with his incessant whining but he was crucial to the story. Hans was always my fav of course!:) And the Droids...and Darth (although when I was younger I was terrified he would show up in my room breathing in his scary loud way...) Oh I also love Lando...I just wish there were more women characters in it to like. Ah well...And of course Yoda is the ultimate:)
Yes, I am a nerd. I remember making you watch the old Star Wars episodes over and over in our early marriage :) I was also disappointed in the new ones:(
I get chills every time the theme music starts..a throw back reaction to grade five when I first watched it. Brilliant!
I loved going to the Star Wars expedition with you, my bro and my dad two years ago and having the R2D2 robot whistle at me! Best moment! And kissing Darth Vadar and telling him cheesily that he haunted my dreams. LOL. (Yes I realize he wasn't real!)
I am so proud to be your little geek. This post inspired a geek out of great proportions. Let's get the kids and watch some highlights of the Old Star Wars! Or the Star Wars lego movies for the younger ones! YAY!
Love you!

sn said...

We saw Star Wars when it was first released in the theatres. What a fun experience! Everyone in the theatre was enraptured. There was a collective groan when we were left hanging and had to wait for the next one to be released. Which, of course, happened again after the second one. Like my daughter, Luke was too whiny for me. Hans was and still is my favourite. It's been fun watching it with the family as each child grew old enough to enjoy it as well. And you are such a great fit for our family. A true kindred spirit. Sometimes I forget you're not my biological child. You are a beloved son just the same.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- Yes! That expedition was a 'blast' (get it 'Blast' 'blasters') The music is moving isn't it. And Darth's Breathing sends chills down my spine. I always found the Emperors music the most frightening.

The Lego Star wars was awesome as well. Great job, they did.

Hail the age of the Geek.

Love that we love this together.

CalledtoQuestion said...

sn- Thanks. I love being part of the family. I think I like Han Solo much more now because he is very emotional, real and well he is Harrison Ford after all.

Grant said...

Here is the irony:
I think I have NEVER seen any of the Star War Movies. But I appreciate the Punny use of May the 4th be with you.

And I do remember watching the ORIGINAL Star Trek of 1966/67 or whenever. Black and white!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Grant- What you have never seen Star Wars? I suppose I can forgive you for that:). Want to watch it sometime?