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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Always Knew I was Awesome!

Who am I? Who are you? 

Discovering who you are can be one of life's most important discoveries to be made. It can be one of the most freeing of discoveries, as well. 

Taking the Keirsey personality test is an excellent connection tool for interaction and a base for discovering and understanding your own temperament and that of others. While it will not answer all of life's questions, it will allow you to become more aware of yourself, how to conduct living in a way that best suits you and how to operate with those who surround you. 

Some of you may recall, that seven years ago I took the Keirsey personality test. At that particular point of time I was called a Protector/Provider Guardian. This, however, never completely felt right with my wife or I, but because it seemed to describe some aspects of me, we went with it. Recently, I retook the test (My wife made me do it four times plus the extra test at the back of the Please Understand Me book to be completely confident) each time I had the letters ENFP (Idealist Champion). This made so much more sense. Every description was bang on. 

Consequently, I questioned why I scored as a Guardian Temperament before? After an in-depth discussion with my wife, we came to the conclusion that it was because I was trying to emulate Guardian ideals and living styles during a crisis period in my life. I felt that it was what I needed to be at the time, so I answered the questions accordingly. While my core temperament has always been an ENFP (looking back as a child this makes sense too) I tried to be an E (I) STJ because I was trying to be reliable, strong and dependable; no wonder I fell into a depression! We always thought there may be an additional reason for my depression, besides my occupation. In view of all this, I realized it was because I was allowing shame and a sense of who I should be, instead of who I am, control me. (This was no fault of the Kiersey test, rather my own, due to the fact that when I originally answered the Kiersey test, it was time that I was emulating what I thought was needed.) I was trying to be someone I was not. I went against the core to my being. In doing so, I caused myself to face many unnecessary issues by not embracing and accepting who I really am.

Want to know my personality(E.N.F.P) more? Check this out:

I always thought I marched to the beat of my own drum, so to hear that I was a Guardian in a twenty percentile of the population, just did not make sense. I felt no validation in this category. Discovering, in contrast, that I am a Champion and that I am amongst the three percentile of misunderstood Idealists, does, in fact, validate! Even the characteristic 'weaknesses' and things to watch out for as, an E.N.F.P., aptly describes me. I am disorganized, and even though I am an extrovert, I am the only extrovert temperament that needs a lot of private downtime. I always baffled my wife, and myself, because we could not get the pieces to fit; if I was a Guardian should I not have scored a higher number in organizational learning styles? Should I not be better at fitting into standard jobs? Why do I always abandon projects in order to begin another? 

In trying to be something I was not, I put our life choices and relationship at risk. Fortunately, I felt the need to redo the test; facing myself honestly. This opened the doors to embracing my own shame story, and allowed me an optimal starting point in order to move forward. Feelings of failure have subsided, and when they do arise I am able to handle them in a more constructive manner; hopefully. I feel a sense of belonging with the three percent of the world as an ENFP temperament and it's ok! My feelings of loneliness have subsided; as validation and explanation have increased. This bodes well for my wife and I as two Idealists who are not concrete thinkers. Obviously, we still face the same issues of life, but can now better approach them with this new found discovery. Reading my description we realized new ways to communicate, understand and be together. It is very encouraging, to us both.

My wife always ties for an INFP/ INFJ, so INFX. 

By the way, who are you? 

I highly recommend taking the test, but make sure you are answering the questions based on what you normally are, not what you think you should be. 

I always knew I was awesome. I just needed an accurate explanation of myself and how I relate to the world around me. Incidentally, 'Guardians' are awesome too, be that as it may, I was never meant to be awesome like that.

WARNING! Taking this test, may change your life (I know, I am corny, but hey that is just part of being an Idealist.). :)