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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Desecration of the Hobbit

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" should be retitled "The Desecration of the Hobbit" 

I was utterly shocked, from the beginning of the movie through to it's end, that Peter Jackson so blatantly diverged from the actual story. With so many additional freedoms that Peter took, the only thing similar to the actual book was a its outline, a very rough one at that, of the original story. I understand that Peter Jackson is presenting a version of his own with these movies, but he has gone too far in this second edition. While the cinema was great and the action was, by far, more intense than the first movie, I feel that there was no excuse for this movies contortions of the original characters and that the movie would have been just as successful while remaining truer to J.R.R. Tolkien's "the Hobbit".


Anonymous said...

You sound like a fanatic. :) Seriously...and very conservative in mindset. This was definitely a feeling essay:) Ha ha.
On the one side I can see some of your points...on the other...It's called poetic liscence and all films based on books do it. Sound of music was way more dramatic then the original story and there are many more examples. It's story art and it's allowed when you own the rights. Art is also supposed to be transient and different views to all. So your allowed your narrow minded view and I'm allowed my balanced one. Lol. Jj. You can hate it but its still a form of art. The acting was mostly solid, the costumes and backgrounds were done with many hours of work and care, and the story was re fashioned in a way that did drag or become nonsense YET it was also imaginative and creative too.
I guess I can say all this because I did not love the Hobbit book like you did. Tolkien was brilliant but also flawed...The fact that there were no women in his book speaks volumes. His book also dragged in parts. It was brilliant as art and originality but I do not think that a film needs to mimic that exactness. For enjoyment purposes it was average...for work involved it was beautiful...and for creativity it was admirable.
But I would probably feel the same as you if someone did a version of a beloved book to me in the same way so I will give you that my love:)

Miriam (Pete) Rashleigh said...

Sorry to hear that it's not as close to the original as we hoped. We'll be watching it soon - it will make us more attentive to what the differences are.

My Little Warriors said...

I was dissapointed that the first was as far from the book as it was.. i am sure i will be with the second as i have not seen it yet.. but i am prepared. It is sad because the Hobbit is such a great story that i feel does not need anything added, or taken away. This is how i feel about the Narnia movies as well.. ESSPECIALLY the voyage of the dawn treader... my FAV book by cs lewis .. they totally murdered it with the movie.