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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Syria, What do we do?

What I fail to understand is. Why is it only ok to start defending a people group when the use of chemical weapons are involved? Is it ok to stand aside as an observer while that people group is being shot by rifles, blown away by bombs, kidnapped by stealth army operations and while families are being torn apart. 

Now I do not claim to understand the entire situation in Syria (though I do not know if anyone does) or claim to have an answer to what seems to be a very sticky situation. Some questions that run through my mind are: 
-Why, within the last ten years, was the U.S.A. so ready to jump into war and/or action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? 
-Does Syria not have the same offerings and rewards that that of the other countries have, such as oil? 
-How many people must die before one must respond, is there a specific number? 
-Why is it that there are so many Arab nations that hate the U.S.A. yet call and ask for a response against Al Assad's government? 

You see there is a very compassionate side of me that hates to see others be harmed and killed regardless of what side they are on. It is terrible to see and hear what is going on in Syria, but I have to question whether or not all that I hear is actually true or not. We have heard such things before. Who do we trust? The U.S. government stated the other day, in regards to Syria and the use of chemical weapons, that, "This isn't Iraq, we have proof this time." REALLY! At least they can admit that they never did have proof for Iraq but how the hell can anyone trust them now? 


Miriam (Pete) Rashleigh said...

Excellent questions. Yes, a war can be started and stopped on the least little provocation or decision by some fat cat behind a desk, completely unaffected by the events. I ask the same questions regarding Joseph Kony and his child soldiers - ongoing loss of lives of children and others for the sake of his own ridiculous ideas, but no larger country with the ability to stop it seems to be interested. Makes you go hmmm.

Haddock said...

Agree to what you say. Why does some countries get involved when X No of people have died (by whatever means)
Reminds me of a take off I read on this "you mean to say that you are going to kill Syrians because Syrians are killing Syrians?"

Kmarie said...

I am a Pacifist so you know all my thoughts on this matter. However Pacifist does not mean that we dont advocate and allow change...unfortunately in this world the way people work- SOMETIMES ( rarely- barely) fighting back is a form of protection. But usually there are other ways...we are just too lazy to do them. And when you read Pilger you will get a whole new take on the US war mongering. Very interesting and very very very sad.