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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brennan Manning

Brennan Manning
Forever Loved 
(New York, April 27, 1934-April 12, 2013)
*All quotes below are that of Brennan Manning.
I awoke this morning, turned on the computer, looked over my list of blogs that I follow and discovered that quite a few were discussing the death of Brennan Manning. I was shocked to hear so. To be honest I had thought that Brennan had passed(not past) away some time ago (I don't know why?) and was sorrowful at that point in time. To hear it once more is just as saddening.

Brennan Manning has had a very deep impact upon my life. When I am about to give up, reject, throw out any and all conceptualizations of 'Christianity' there is but one man who can bring me back to a place where I can be who I truly am in the Christ. 

This man has opened my eyes to the realness of Jesus, I mean the utter humaness of Jesus. He has taught me the utter importance of loving me for myself and that it is only then that I am better to serve others. 
"Experience has taught me that I connect best with others when I connect with the core of myself. When I allow God to liberate me from unhealthy dependence on people, I listen more attentively, love more unselfishly, and am more compassionate and playful. I take myself less seriously, become aware that the breath of the Father is on my face."
That God loves me no matter what or who I am and that by thinking otherwise I deny the entire gift of God's grace and love. 
"The love of Christ embraces all 
without exception."
 This man introduced me to the Christ outside of Christianity and for that I am forever grateful. 
"The story goes that a public sinner was excommunicated and forbidden entry to the church. He took his woes to God. 'They won't let me in, Lord, becuse I am a sinner.'
'What are you complaining about?' said God. 'They won't let Me in either." 
So while I may abandon Christianity, I can never abandon the Christ.
"Those who have the disease 
called Jesus will never be cured."
Thank you Brennan for all that you have done. You will forever huant me.  


Kmarie said...

Well instead of skimming this like I did the other night when I only had a few minutes I actually read this..and WOw, those quotes are amazing and I noticed a change in you when you listened to him. He had a very compassionate heart and so do you. Those quotes hit me hard too...All without exception...Christians often focus on the exceptions...and try to "save them" I am so honoured when I am introduced to someone of faith who simply embraces...and also projects self love and joy turning into selfless love for others. Great post. I found out I could relate to someone I do not know after all!:) (Don't you feel vindicated my love?) And oops- I just realized he just passed away- I am sorry for the loss in this world and having lost a new educator that was just found...But his words and meaning live on. Cheers to a man who lived life well . Peace to the family he left behind.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

That would be "passed" (not past) away.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- Thanks my dear. I quite enjoyed listening to his podcasts and learning from his wisdom.

Anonymous- Thanks for the letting me know. In your honor I shall replace 'past' with 'passed' :).

My Little Warriors said...

I have never heard of him but you have me intrigued with his qoutes. I am sorry to hear the world has lost another soul who sounds like he truly had a love for people.

CalledtoQuestion said...

MLW- Yes, he truly did. If you look him up on iTunes you can find some of his podcasts there.

Miriam (Pete) Rashleigh said...

I've read a book of his - I'll have to go re-read it; sounds a lot like Jean Vanier, who started the L'arche homes for mentally/physically challenged people.
Sad to lose a wise soul, but also good to know he left a legacy that will go on.

nyssa said...

Wonderful quotes. I don't know him but I want to read him. I have no idea why I'm not seeing blogposts from some of my favourite blogs any more. I would read every single one if I saw it come up. So frustrating. Anyway, I'm glad I read this because I needed it. That first quote completely had me.