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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 'Croods'ifiction

Reflecting On The 

This is the time of year that so many look upon the cross and remember what Christians have coined 'Good Friday'. On this day of Good Friday, my family and I, also, spent time reflecting... reflecting on the Croods-ifiction(No, that is not a spelling error.).

We did not attend any service at a 'church' nor did we partake in any ritual that commonly goes with 'Good Friday'. Rather, being spurred within our souls by the melting of snow and the scent of spring flowing through our beings, we decided to venture out, as a family, to catch the latest movie release of 'The Croods'. We went together, spend time together, laughed together and even cried together.

I will share part of the story, all the while adding my input here and there as to what came to my mind as I watched and later reflected upon it.

The story is about a family of cavemen who dwell constantly within their cave, only venturing out in desperation for food. These cavemen(Or cave-persons for the politically correct.) ever hide there in fear due, in part, to losing many of whom they have known to various outside dangers. Their daughter, Eep, however has the spirit of life within her, desiring to explore and experience the world her father so wishes to keep at bay.

"New is always bad! Never not be afraid!", he demands.
 The father, Grug, while in the safety of their cave,  shares with his family, during their nightly story time, a story of a curious little bear(His daughter) who's curiosity got the better of her.
Grug: Tonight we'll hear the story of Crispy Bear. A long time ago this little bear was alive because she listened to her father. So she was happy, but Crispy had one terrible problem. She was filled with curiosity. Yes, and one day she saw something new and DIED!
Thunk(Grug's Son): Just like that?
Grug: Yes! 
Gran(Grug's Mother In-law): Same ending as yesterday.
Thunk: I get it, dad. I will never do anything new or different! 
Grug: Good man, Thunk. 
At this point, the Croods was a reminder to me of the life that I too once lived within a cave...a cave called Evangelicalism, Protestantism, Church, you name it. The cave was a place where the shepherd, leader, pastor etc. instilled within me a fear of the outside. A fear of those Secularists and their deceitful ways. Danger lurks everywhere, demons hide behind every bush waiting to pounce on those who stray to near to or just outside the cave...outside the fold. Christ had been kicked out and 'Christianity' was my cave.

Back to 'the Croods'...

Unbeknown to them, tragedy was about to befall them. While returning to their home from a hunting mission, the earth begins to shift and their cave is crushed by the mountain of rock above it. Their shelter, their safe place and all that they have come to know have now been left to rubble. All is lost and they are left to wonder, wander and look outside what was once their home to new beginnings.

Like their home, the North American church today is falling to ruin and many are left without the comfort of their cave theologies and rituals. They are forced to explore a whole new world with all it's unknown dangers and life altering adventures. They are forced to adapt as they can not return to what they once knew, no...not even if their desire was to do so. But, as it was for the Croods, this is no easy task to undertake. Many perils lay before them.

"Where are we?" they wonder in amazement.
"Where are we?" Indeed!

No longer being able to remain where their safe place had once been, they reluctantly move on, much to Grug's despair, looking for a new place to begin, once again, a life of shelter void of living.

To live a life of shelter one must have rules and... well, we all know what rules were made to be.... I had once felt that being in that cave was what was right and was the only way to live. Isolating ourselves from the outside, not watching their movies, not listening to their music and not talking the way they do. So, while those rules within that cave may have been a way to 'live'. I now realize that, 'That wasn't living. That was just not dying.'

Grug: The Rules. They kept us alive!
Eep: That wasn't living! That was just not dying!
Guy, a young wonderer filled with new ideas and adventure, who happens across this family of cavemen, bares them news that the end is near. Duh!... duh! duh!. He encourages them not to hide in caves but to seek the sun and follow it to freedom, follow it to tomorrow. They must seek for tomorrow, searching forever on until one day they may arrive. Of course Grug is not at all to pleased with this newcomer, particularly the interest his daughter, Eep, is paying to him. As the journey continues, with all it's hardships, the family starts to see things in a new light. Grug, taking the longest of course. All that he wants is a cave to be safe in, a cave without thinking, questioning and meddling. However, even he too comes around to having his eyes open to new possibility.

The end was near, the Christianity that I knew was drawing to it's end and at it's end, it was crucified. Fear and wonder found it's place within me, but in the midst of the destruction and crucifixion something arose from the horror, what it was, I am not entirely sure, it may be that of the divine, small and difficult to distinguish. Whatever it was, it gave me hope and peace. It gave me comfort that I need not build up around it a temple, alter or any other such building whether physical or mentally. I need only to know that it's present, know its love and peace, not for it's sake, but rather for mine. 

At the movie's end, 'the Croods' learn something that we all must consider, we need not be hindered by our fears of the outside. We need not be ruled by them, for we can always change our thinking, always face our fears and never allow them to stop us. One can always step outside the cave.

I continue to seek, never again enclosing a philosophy, theology or any others within a cave of confinement. I will spread my wings and allow the wind to flow beneath, guiding here and there.

Eep: "The Croods will make it, because we changed all the rules, the rules that kept us in the dark. From now on we'll stay out here where we can follow the light."


Amy said...

Woow.. what a fantastical parallel drawn to religion, Philip! I have got to see this movie.. another that this story reminded me of was Tangled.

The quote you shared.. "That wasn't living! That was just not dying!"
Holy crap... that's it right there. I did feel like I was slowly dying inside, but more at a heart level. The depression, the constant invisible carrot dangling in front of me that I could never reach..frustrated, sad, bewildered just to name a few emotions.

What a gorgeous story of freedom..

"The Croods will make it, because we changed all the rules, the rules that kept us in the dark. From now on we'll stay out here where we can follow the light."

The rules that kept us in the dark.. from now on we'll stay out here where we can follow the light.


Wanted to share this blog post from my friend Darin... he had sent this to me years ago, but I still find the connection drawn to an animal kept in a cage versus a animal in the wild was seriously eye opening. I will leave you the link if you are interested.

So appreciate your heart and your authenticity! have a gorgeous Sunday :)

CalledtoQuestion said...

Amy- Thanks! We all enjoyed the movie and while some have complained of it's lack of story, I think that sometimes we just need simple tidbits to let our minds do the rest. The movie was full of colour and imagination. If you go to see it I recommend 3D, as it captures so much of their experiences.

I will definitely check out the link. Thanks again.

Cat said...

awesome paralleling P
love it
this made me smile
I myself made the mistake of being hopeful as I went to a "Good Friday" service with my mom...I nearly walked out
I went for her
I did not go for me, so that refrained me from walking out
and yet
once again
I was brought to the place of how foreign this place of church is for me
the music was nice and there was some moments that I full embraced...but the message, the heart of the hurt my heart The pastor spent most of his message in judgment of others...those outside the church, and how they saw God. Judgment. I felt so far removed...
but today was our day as a family and it was early morning drive down to the ocean, followed by a drive through the city, and talking, much talking about was heaven

love to you and K and the kids
many blessings
love walking this road of freedom with you and your family
love and light

CalledtoQuestion said...

Cat- So glad you had a day of heaven with your family. :) The fact that you went to the 'Good Friday' service for your mother is a reflection of the 'love and light' within you. It is a reminder to myself that sometimes it is no big thing for me to step outside my comfort for the sake of another. Obviously, not being a push over, rather, being assured in the love of the divine I can tenderly spend time even amongst those of whom consider me their enemy.

Thanks for your thoughts and for bringing that 'love and light' to this place.

Kmarie said...

Honey, once again your wisdom is beautiful and my heart falls more in love with your vulnerable compassion in safe places.
I liked the Croods and loved my day with you (and on a completely shallow note I loved how they made Eep solid and larger than the main man... Finally!;)
Anyway, I love that Amy could connect and what Cat said about her experience... It's why I say to my grandma every year," he has risen indeed" even though I refuse to say it to anyone else ( feels awkward) but my grandma is a funky widow with liberal beliefs yet she says it because it goes directly to generations of Greek Orthodox on her side and she speaks fluent Romanian.. So I respect it because she is doing it out of love and roots and not roots of adapted rules/ conservatism/ legalities. Sometimes we adapt to the situation when love is there;)

I love how you mentioned the love and living outside of our cages... The very real fear when we step out and the incredible community, freedom and Beauty that comes out of that. You are part of my light Philip. My fellow partner in this crazy, freeing, heart palpitating, exhilarating journey into spirit light and Divine peace and inspiration;)
Love you!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- I love you too, my dear. Thanks for your encouraging words. It was a great day together. Yes, your Grandma is very funky. Can't believe she saw Inception and Batman before I did.

My Little Warriors said...

love the parallel you put between the two... Also i loved as well as what you wrote about the internet being the all seeing eye from LOTR... i laughed so hard when i read that.. i SOOO see that... and now whenever i look at the computer i see this big eye and it's whispering to me... and i can't stay away from it.. it draws me in... .... .........

CalledtoQuestion said...

MLW- Glad that made you laugh:). So good to have another Lord of the Rings fan around. Kmarie thinks I'm obsessed ... I don't get it? Almost done the books:).

My Little Warriors said...

I wish i was done with the books.. but in truth i am only half way through the fellowship of the ring... seriously... there has been so much going on with the onset of spring (warmer weather means we are outside more exploring and tending animals and plants) and the take off of my quilting business (much thanks to you and K) spare moments of reading are snuck in here and there... though part of me only wants to read at a slow intervuale so it is longer lived. You know the feeling of being in a story... and once it is done you miss being in it.. so i prolong reading sometimes so i'm still in the story. The other night i actually had a dream that i was a hobbit and i was in the woods and met some elfes... it was glorious and beautiful and magical.. and then my nephew woke me up ... :( since then i have gone to sleep hoping i will return to those woods and the elfes... but to no avail.

Miriam (Pete) Rashleigh said...

I loved the movie, and those same ideas stood out to me, and I've been trying to follow the light, along with my family - sometimes it means doing the "heave-ho" and staying in dark places until you can find the way through to join them in the light (at least in my case); and sometimes it means banging your head until you come up with an idea. Very deep thoughts all around. I love that about good stories - the thoughts and ideas that are stirred up.
Now, the idea of there being cavemen is a whole other topic of discussion for a future c2q...

CalledtoQuestion said...

MLW-I know how you feel about finishing books, at the same time I feel to immensely drawn by both this world and that of Middle Earth. It is hard for me to prioritize between the two at times. To be honest, I will glad when I am done. :) I

I wish I'd dream of Lord of the Rings! Not Fair!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Miriam-Glad you liked the movie. Yes, I loved the thought inducer of Belt smacking Guy with a rock.
That does sound like an interesting topic to cover, hmmm.