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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Called To Question: Pagan Christianity?

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Called To Question: 
Pagan Christianity?

Christianity is one of the oldest beliefs of our known history, but how much of it stands on its own? Is it at all possible that it has survived its long history without being affected by, and even taking on, that of outside influence? 
Join in on the ever continuing conversation of Called To Question, as we look at the history of what we know to be Christianity and the influences that outside beliefs and practices have had, and continue to have, on this ancient belief.

Guest Speaker: Grant Alford
A loving husband, father and grandfather, Grant comes to us with much life experience within a variety of faith and non-faith groups. Grant is a strong proponent for building relationships where ever he can, all the while, holding a deep desire for knowledge and growth within those relationships.

April 6th at 7:30pm 

*Please contact us at if you are interested in attending this evening event.


Kmarie said...

Looking forward to it. Lots of Christianity is pagan which I don't mind but I find it hallarious that the traditions that are looked upon as pure Christian and the traditions that are looked upon as "worldly" often stem from the same place. I relish those tidbits because it gives less power to self righteous claims of holiness;)
Love u

My Little Warriors said...

This sounds like a fantastic night! Great subject matter!

Amy said...

Oh man, what a fantastic topic!!
Wish I lived closer..I would so be there!! Enjoy!

Amy said...

p.s. I remember at the beginning of this journey, a friend put Frank Viola's book Pagan Christianity.
I remember being eyes wide open, jaw dropped, in awe of all the man made traditions of man. Everything I was told to never question. Everything that I was told was "God's words. God's ways. God's church".
This will be an eye opening event for sure! I had a question/idea.. have you ever thought of recording your speakers and posting them online? I would love to be a part, but obviously live too many states away. What an awesome topic!!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie-You and I are so much alike! :) We make a wicked pair.

Amy- Yes, it is indeed an eye opening topic, one that I don't believe most Christians even understand or even care to grasp. I will admit that I get a guilty pleasure once and a while rocking their foundations by sharing with them some history of what they actually believe.

As to recording, I have thought about it and I am currently looking into it. Thanks for your interest. :)