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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Called To Charity

A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog. 
- Jack London

In a recent letter that I had submitted to the editor, I had issued a call to question. A call to question that of which is, and is not, most familiar to us. To take a critical look at what we believe as individuals, communities and as a nation. A call to question our intents, desires and goals within what we each believe, how we act and what we say. While I believe that the question, and the practice thereof, is vital, how we go about this may be the most important detail to consider. It is indeed, most important; so much so that it must take precedence over the very practice of questioning itself.

What is of such importance?


I can think of no greater call then that of the call to charity. To see the other, whether friend or foe, as intrinsically valuable. To enter all conversation with respect and esteem for those of whom you are in dialogue with. To embrace them as precious, dear and worthy of mind. Giving to them freely the space to hold opinion. Expressing, not only for the sake of oneself, but rather, for the whole of community. While in our charity we must never forget, not only those present, but those at large; those of whom have not yet received such charity or come by it meagrely.

While adhering to the call to charity, one must not neglect the criticalness of giving charity to one's own-self. This is often the most difficult of all; to be charitable to oneself, but as it is with all things difficult, it is most rewarding not only to oneself, but also to that of others. Charity is not solely valuing and considering the other but also ourselves. It is not a submission to that of another, but rather a joining together in conversation, that of each owns' hearts and minds. Charity is not a dumbing down of who we are and what we believe, rather, it allows for the growth thereof within community.

Charity must always lay forefront to the question, always remaining present during and after the question is put forth.


Anonymous said...

Loved this...I love how you say it is not a submission or a dumbing down . That is important because charity is all about being yourself so that others can be themselves...its true that if your enemy restricts your freedom- while you can be charitable back ( attempting to understand, being generous in perspective, and being respectful and loving their inner souls..) you do not have to bow to expectations or become what is thought to be kind. Charity is so much more than that...and we can be charitable in ALL interactions (even the situations where we are angry and appropriately letting that anger out NOT be destroying a person but by putting up distance or boundaries)
The most important endeavor is allowing someone to hold their own opinions even when we disagree. (For instance buying books for a present that we do not agree with religiously but knowing the other person loves and gets something out of the books- obviously not to give books that are blatantly against charity and compassion but if it is just a different way of being- supporting it...) Depending on the relationship we can respectfully give our cause but ONLY if understanding is there. charity is understanding when that line is and holding the other in context of their own selves and relationships with you...
I went off on a tangent!:)
I loved this post. So important:) Carefully chosen and beautifully expressed words:)
Love you

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- Thanks for your charitable comment. :)

Yes, being charitable is not about avoiding stepping on toes. Thanks for your thoughts, my love.

My Little Warriors said...

You have much wisdom.

"It is not a submission to that of another, but rather a joining together in conversation, that of each owns' hearts and minds. "

good thoughts!

CalledtoQuestion said...

MLW- Thanks for those encouraging remarks. :)