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Friday, February 1, 2013

Writing to the Public

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. 
- Benjamin Franklin

I believe that I have posted this letter here once before, however, I thought that I would re-post it as it I have done some editing to it and it has finally made it's way into my local newspaper. Hope you enjoy. 

Called To Question

Wednesday Jan 30, 2013     PHILip A

To the Editor;

There is no doubt that we live in a community that has a large religious populace. Of this, I have no problem, however, a problem arises (At least for myself, and I am sure that there are others), when members of this populace feel the need to forcefully convert everyone to his or her own personal beliefs and/or dogmas. You may have encountered the ever-popular questions of "Where do you go to church?" or "Are you saved?" This often occurs through door-to-door visits, tracks left on windshields to face-to-face encounters on our streets, homes and work places. These well meaning peoples, at times, stop at nothing, for this is their "calling". Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that everyone is guilty of this, in one way or another, religious or not.

Most of us, if not all, have grown up in a culture of answers. The modern era was one of exactly that, answers, and with it came rules. Rules and answers are not to be questioned and if questioned, only allowed to go so far. Obedience was, and is, of the upmost importance. To question is a sign of disobedience, defiance and weak faith. 'Keep the rule and the rule will keep you', it has been said. Authority figures such as parents, police, clergy and political leaders with everything they represent, are the last word. However, societies, religious establishments, institutes and families that have all the answers and are void of questions, are, often, void of possibility.

Within the last century, modernity, with all its answers, has had to face some very difficult questions that have arisen along side of and with post-modernism. The answers we were once given have lost their merit. The unquestionable is now questioned more then ever.
The loudest voice is most often heard, and we have indeed heard our fair share. The loud voice of one will mute that of another and I am left wondering, what of the muted voices? Where might they be heard? Where are the perspectives of the others?

It is for this reason that "Called To Question" has been given its birth. Called To Question, multiple evening events, invites a variety of guest speakers to share their own perspectives, philosophies and views on differing topics from atheism-theism, evolution-creation, faith-reason, war-peace, chauvinism-feminism, love-hate and the list goes on. The evenings are an opportunity for members of the community to share in on and take part of authentic dialogue, a chance to question ones own beliefs, regardless of what they are. To understand that there are more ways to think, believe and have faith, then what may, most popularly, be presented to us.

Possibility is a freeing concept. Instead of giving answers, Called To Question provides an opportunity to ask questions and broaden the mind's horizon.

If you are interested in having a topic presented or attending an event, please contact me Look for ads of upcoming events around town at local retail stores or in your local newspaper.
Philip A.
Founder and Director of Called To Question

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. 
- Ernest Hemingway


Kmarie said...

I adore you and what you sacrifice on behalf of those who feel alone or ostracized or those who just need encouragement!
What a lovely evening full of people who were inspiring and also were looking for inspiration. You help feel needs with your bravery and your public ways of being a voice for the voiceless..I respect that and it means more to me than any perceived reputation for whatever stance you take people will talk--- esp if it is the minority opinion But the most important thing is to love the Divine, love yourself and love others by BEING yourself. Those who are lucky enough to see your brave and wise heart full of questions and comfort will receive the same back.
I adored all the new people we met through this letter. It was a wonderful opportunity that would have been missed otherwise. I am honoured to be your wife:)
Keep questioning.