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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Do We Love When We Say, I Love You?

 Happy Valentine's Day 

 Today is a day in which we celebrate love. Stores and business windows are decorated with all different shapes coloured in red and white. Cupids flutter here and there looking to create a perfect match. Roses bright red, glittering white, red dark as night, pink flashing bright. Everywhere one looks symbols of love reside.

 What do we love when we say, I love you? Think about who or what it is that you love today. What all does that thing or person entail and is it all that they are that you love or only parts of them or it.
To love... is it to love all that one is or are there conditions?

Why do we celebrate this day? What possesses such a fascination? And if what, then why only one day, do we make such reflection and celebration?

 I love you my dear wife, in all your entirety. You are precious to me and I love sharing this life with you. You will always be my Valentine, as you have always been.


Anonymous said...

LOL This made me die laughing...I adore you. Of course you would find those cards...Of course....sigh...:) YOu are the love of my life for a reason. What love indeed! For me I really do love you in all your entirety...I get annoyed or angry sometimes but your flaws are what make your beauty stand out more- And they make you more human and I love your humanity. YOu would not be you without your entirety and thus I love it and choose to take the good with the bad...and we have had bad...but communication, humour and commitment have held us through and I am thankful you stuck to those three attributes too:)
I like to think we honour and celebrate each other almost every day- at least every week...And it matters...this appreciation of someone else walking beside. It is not light thing My Sam...No small thing...
I adore you and love you. I love seeing your hearty laugh lines move when I read your jokes:) Happy Valentines Day!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Bad...Me? I thought I was perfect? Well, Thanks my love you are wonderful! May the light of Galadriel shine upon you.

Grant said...

Are these rhetorical questions or do you want a deep theological response?

1 Cor. 13 is my manifesto and standard by which I want to measure every statement of "I love..."

CalledtoQuestion said...


Either or. Whatever you would like.

That's a good one.