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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feeding The Soul

The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on.
- J. G. Holland

What does my soul feed on? A question that is in no way an easy one to answer. It requires a deep analysis into my soul, body and mind. An answer, of which, I am not entirely sure I can understand and/or give. However, I will try. 

A few thoughts that have just come to mind:

-Working with plants, trees and shrubs and their landscapes feeds my soul.  
-Playing with my children.
-When I have just finished cleaning up the sheets, floor, and pajamas of my son's after a violent episode of vomiting and hearing him say, "Thank you daddy, for cleaning up after me." as he looks up at me with weary and exhausted eyes. 
-Reaching out to people who have felt set aside or ignored by the majority. 
-Standing up for the underdog.
-Teaching my children.
-Embracing my wife.
-Embracing my children.
-Lord of the Rings.
-Learning with my wife.
-Contemplating the divine or lack there of.

While they are not exactly concentrated thoughts, they are definitely notes to come back to at a later time. 

What feeds your soul?


Kmarie said...

Good question my love. You really would Love Thomas Moore's book "The Re enchantment of Every day living" Maybe by telling you to read it here you may remember:)
My list would be similar to yours minus the throwing up part (thank God I have you even though that was a touching moment...but instead of being touched I would have promptly thrown up next:) And of course being with you and laughing with you...your smile crinkles feed my soul and belly laugh...
I would add when I see freedom and growth in people or circumstance. When I experience or see understanding in others...When a minority is aided by someone else...When justice by mercy is achieved, when dark chocolate and sea salt (or strawberries) are consumed, when I sit in meditation on the floor in our beautiful living area soaking up the sun and tuning in to the hidden life around, when I walk into a room and share a look of knowing with my best friend, when I talk on the phone with a pal from Africa, when I watch my grandfather embrace my children, when I hear my children copy their favourite shows like The court Jester, when I blog, when I keep in contact with my blogger friends...
My list could go one. There are so many everyday events and people that feed my soul. I love life. I love MY life even though I also deal with fact I think that depression enables me to "see" and experience the good in vivid colour because of it's contrast.
The number one way my soul is trampled is restriction, conformity and injustice through misguided attempts at "noramlizing" me or anyone else or "whitening" or "religiolizing" (I know it's not a word:) or any other attempt to harness in.
I loved this post:) I could go on and on but I think, because you are my lover and best friend, you already know what feeds my soul:)

CalledtoQuestion said...


Thanks babe. I know how you feel about all that you said. Funny, us having similar mindsets :).

Grant said...

My friends and the questions they ask and the answers I find when I go searching for something other than "The Pat Answer"! :)

(And most of what you listed!)

Miriam (Pete) Rashleigh said...

That's a great list - both of you!
Knowing I'm loved and accepted no matter what, not having to live up to a few small mindsets, music of all kinds, learning new things, meetings of minds and hearts around deeper topics.
Thanks for being part of that for me!

CalledtoQuestion said...


Oh, yes...the pat answers. Got to love them. Your perspectives feed my soul, my friend. :)


Thank you for investing into us and the events that we all share in on. Your perspectives also feed my soul, always playing the devil's advocate to the devil's advocates. :)

My Little Warriors said...

great list. :)
hmmm... my soul feed on...

llama kisses (no seriously.. this sounds funny but i love it when my llamas come up to me and come very close to my face...i call it llama kisses... weird i know)
creating.. specifically quilting.
listening to and creating music
the embrace of my husband, his warm body at night
smiles from my children, their gentle hugs
water... swimming...
good food
giving to others
helping others not feel so alone
taking care of my family in the day in day out live
long drives
basically all of the elements, wind, snow, rain, sun
birds chirping
wild animals grazing...
okay i guess all those things fall under nature... lots and lots of nature feeds my soul.
beautiful pictures
words written in a way that bring you to another place..

ect... ect... ect...

CalledtoQuestion said...


Great list. I love it, specially the llama kisses. I love nature as well, in moderation.

I LOVE what you said about "words written in a way that bring you to another place". I totally get that. I am currently reading "Lord of the Rings" for the first time and if someone were to ask me who I am and what I do, I would respond..'I am Frodo Baggins, a ringbarer and I am going to Mordor to destroy this ring.'. The words so take me away to another place that even when I am not reading it I am still entranced by it's magic. I go to the grocery store, but i am not there I am in Moria battling off orcs and fleeing for the exist to reach the western side of the Misty Mountains. I pass under a few trees and suddenly I am deep within the Old Forest searching for a path to lead me out. I hear the typical hyper-conservative speech of my community and I feel the heaviness of the All Seeing Eye, of their god, bearing upon me, searching ever and ever to take back what he and they believe is his own.

I had better stop I could write an entire post on Lord of the Rings and it's relation to myself and life.

Thanks for the comment.

My Little Warriors said...

Hey! Matt is reading lord of the rings for the first time as well... he read the hobbit a few months back and now he is on to lotr...

Keep writing, i realy enjoy you and your wifes posts.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Happy to hear that Matt is reading the books also. I had watched the movies first, but have not found that fact to ruin my reading of it. It is like an entirely different version. I love both the movies and the books.

By the way I LOVE! the quilt. I have found myself getting lost in it as I take it in with my eyes. Your quilt has the ability as that of "words written in a way that bring you to another place.". Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My Little Warriors said...

Matt said that he finds himself comparing the book to the movies.. and what is different.. though he likes the book well. He said he wishes he would have read the book so long ago before he had seen the movies. as i write this he in engulfed in reading. :) . You know he is not much of a communicator.. so i communicate for him. :)

I am so happy that my quilt has brought magic into your home.. i really hope the rest of them will bring even greater joy as they will be much more personalized.