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Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark Days

The following was a post I had written four years ago. I did not know it then, but it was a time that was only the first year of years to come that I would be beaten, broken and consumed in sorrow.  A painful journey indeed, but I am the stronger for it now.
I often feel as Frodo Baggins does, on his journeys end. Being pierced by that evil blade, he'll never be the same. Though he is much greater for it, his wound shall never truly heal.

NOVEMBER 19, 2009

Dark days.

If God were here in human form right in front of me right know, I would punch God in the face.

Then...I would weep at the feet of God.

These are dark days.

What was once a dark day has made its journey. From dark day to dark days. Dark days to dark week. Dark week to dark weeks. Dark weeks to dark month. Dark month to dark months and dark months to dark year.

With all that I have been blessed, I still feel as I do.

What reason do I bear such burden?
What lesson must be learned?
For if there is knowledge to be gained, then I suppose my heart must churn.
What foolishness,
What folly,
To think I can escape.
One of life's greatest lessons...
sorrows seem to be my fate.

For now, I must continue.
Must shuffle to and fro,

Must not stay still,
The way is dark,
'Else I lose my will.