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Friday, July 6, 2012

Ten Years of Falling Even More in Love With You!

Wow! We did it! There were those who said we wouldn't, those who doubted and those who criticized. Yet, here we are today, 10 years later still married and still madly in love.

 It was 11 years ago, (Two weeks from the first time I ever met you.), that I held your hand and confessed that, "I was falling even more in love with you. (Life house)".

For my wife and I, our relationship and life together has been that of the great love songs. It is not only a relationship of two people, but a great story of love, hate, joy, heartache, courage and fear. Ours is a relationship that inspired the stories of the Greeks, ignited the passions of the Renaissance and the stirred the strength of the Barbarians.

The last ten years have been intensely magical and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thanks to you, my love, for putting up with a guy like me for ten years. We have come a long way and still have even more wonderful years to come. We have learned so many things about one another. Discovering  why we do the things we do and why we are who we are, it has not always been easy, but well worth it. From discovering Aspergers to discovering how Awesome I really am (We still haven't reached the bottom of that great mystery.). I'm a Real Good Man (Tim McGraw)

I love how you live your life through song. Every occasion has one. Every person represents one.
I love that about you. You are my life song.

So as we celebrate our ten years lets Remember when (Alan Jackson) and then Party for two (Shania Twain). 

Your my inspiration(Chicago) and She's Everything (Brad Paisley). After all these years, I have got to  just let you know what it is that wont let me go, It's Your Love (Tim McGraw) and your My Best Friend (Tim McGraw).

I will forever Stand Inside Your Love (Smashing Pumpkins)always be Living For You (Boston) and when things get hard and others try to drag us down, I will fight for us Until I Collapse(Eminem).

Happy Ten Years, My Gorgeous Wife !!!

Song Choice: The Woman I love- Jason Mraz