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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Crucified Question

cartoon drawn by David Hayward @ nakedpastor click link to see other great drawings.

This is the time of year that many reflect on the later days of Christ and his ministry. A jewish carpenter who, in his thirties, left his trade and travelled the countryside, villages, and cities with a message of hope. Healing few, impressing many, challenging and impacting all. When Jesus encountered others, whether they hated him or loved him, they were amazed. This is what Peter Kreeft refers to as the "Jesus Shock".  None were bored with Jesus. 

We tend to view Jesus as an answer, someone who came to earth to provide an absolute. While this is most definitely true, I wonder if we have forgotten a very important aspect of the Christ.

When the Christ was in presence of the people and when he is in the presence of us, he raises the question. We can not help but question when we stand beside him. We question all that has been, all that is present and all that shall be. We question our hearts, desires and motives.

To question is uncomfortable, uneasy and difficult. For most of us we are afraid of what we shall find, or perhaps, even more frightening, what we will shall not find.

I believe this is why we crucified the Christ... why we crucified the question.


Kmarie said...

Loved the end quote! So true. It would definitely happen here again! Religion is always home to those who get so angry they are willing to rid the world of uncertainty.
Luckily here there are also those who would be weeping under the cross and rejoicing when the symbol of questions and uncertainty came back.

Anonymous said...

I love this post - thanks for thoughtfully addressing the deeper aspect of the crucifixion! And of Christ's life. Some of His questions were never answered, and still some question that he really existed, that He really did the miracles, that He really died in that way, or rose again...and all of that takes faith, as does belief in evolution or other systems that are ultimately unprovable. His most basic questions that are still important now are "Who do you say that I am?" and "What is truth?". Keep up the awesome thoughts! Miriam

Anonymous said...


You DO KNOW that you are weird, don't you?

I think you say it so well, (not that you are weird I mean but the point you make!)

Is the question question "Who do you say that I am?"

And in answering that we are also confronted by "And what do you mean when you say that?"

And that in turn exposes ALL of our own perceptions and expectations, and invites us to question further, how we came to those?


Anonymous said...

Oh,you also should watch The Island - a movie I just saw last night (not a new release), the basic premise being that what sets apart those who go out and make a difference is their ability to question what is...very cool, but a little violent, however with a big YES to affirming LIFE. I loved it!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Your right, You can't pin down a question for long.

Thanks. Those were great questions that Jesus ask and still are. The Island? I have not seen that one, sounds good though. I have, however, seen Shutter Island, a movie that I loved. A movie that has us question our very own reality with what might be that of others? To question whether we should continue on in a, knowingly, false reality if it means protecting ones sanity? I love movies that I love. They are few and far in between.

If I'm weird then you must be crazy. Ha Ha. Love your insights, Grant.

Anonymous said...

Well now. What better compliment could I ask for than that? Isn't there something in the Proverbs about answering a philosopher according to his philosophy? Errr. Maybe that wasn't philosophy. Sounds the same.