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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friedrich Nietzsche: A Great Mind...Moustache too!

“There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche has to be one of my favourite philosophers of all time. He is brilliant, poetic and, in my opinion, very courageous. Now, while I do not claim to know everything there is to know about Nietzsche, I do know that He is worth knowing!

Friedrich was born in Germany, 1844. Living a short life, He died in 1900. Though His life was short, His thoughts, teachings and desire for wisdom remains ever present.   

I have gathered together thoughts (quite a few) that He has shared for us to partake in; to hear, ponder and act there upon. I will not share them all in this one post, for His words are far to great to have them suppressed in one mere reading. No, that would only quench the flame, suffocate the breath, and diminish the value of these precious treasures.

“One ought to hold on to one's heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” 

You may have heard of Him before. In fact, I would wager that, what you have heard of Him was the re-ittering of what was and possibly is the most misunderstood statements that Nietzsche ever made. You probably had someone tell you that this man made the claim, the audacious claim, that, "God is dead.". Perhaps you have even seen those bumper stickers on passing or parked vehicles that say,

'God is dead.'-  Nietzsche,
'Nietzsche is dead.' - God

While Friedrich did say it, most of us misunderstand it.

If you have heard of Him, do not be to quick to judge Him. If you have not, then I ask that you open your ears to hear and your eyes to see, prepare your heart, mind and soul for the wisdom of Friedrich Nietzsche.

I look forward to sharing more with you as well as learning with you, as we traverse this rich and dangerous landscape.

"All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down."



Kmarie said...

Love it. And he is one of my favourites too...pretty progressive in the women department compared to others from his time period..but over all I like his outlook and you are right- people are ignorant enough to not research into context. His saying of God was dead was actually quite brilliant in it's own context and completely taken as fire for christians to use. Too bad- they are missing out on some challenging and inspiring well penned words.
Thanks for sharing my love. Sorry we fought tonight. I hate that. Obviously I can not sleep while you snore away. Next time let's make up first. I'm sure we will be as happy as ever tomorrow. I love you my well versed friend.

nyssa said...

I love Nietzsche. I'm looking forward to more :)

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie-I love you too!. I forgive you, although, I did not even know we were fighting.? :p

Glynis- Thanks! I love to know more Nietzsche fans.

Kmarie said...

Ha ha that's a funny one. Oh you're serious? Well now we are fighting;) just joking. I thought it was a fight but you are so easygoing that a disagreement can be a light banter;) I guess it's all perspective... Like our first date-eh? Regardless, again you are snoring beside me and I adore you.

Like glynis I can't wait to hear more... (love that you are so present Glynis. You are a wonderful addition to my life;) aren't I the mushy one tonight;)

CalledtoQuestion said...

You are all so wonderful and inspirational. Your thoughts and wisdom are so much appreciated. (Now I am the mushy one). :)

Anonymous said...

I love your making up online - hope it was as fun in real life!
I look forward to finding out more, too! Christ's words are also taken out of context, or the wierder comments are completely ignored. Too bad.
See you soon! Miriam

Gregg Monteith said...

Hi Philip,
It’s great to see you presenting such an important thinker as Nietzsche, and in a very accessible way. The effect of fear is a worrying force, and it is indeed terrible to see how easily and completely Nietzsche has been rejected by the Church and Christians, when he offers so much that is relevant to both. I look forward to seeing what direction you take with him in future posts.