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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reflecting On: Love and Romance

*This post may be more descriptive then you would like to be made aware of, so proceed with caution...

Love and Romance come hand in hand in a marriage. There can be no separation of the two as they can not exist one without the other. One may be more apparent at times then the other. but where one lies the other does also. As we all know, these are not always easy things to practice, and even harder things to witness, especially, when we are not participants in it.

I love my wife deeply and can not imagine my life without her. She moves me in ways that no other can. I know that I may not be the most expressive in romantic forms and for this I apologize. I do try and I will try. You are worth it all. 

It is during this time of year that we all reflect, a little more intently, on Love, Sex and Chocolate. All great things. Especially in that order. Mmmmm! 

We have lots of memories don't we my dear.... 

 Do you remember when we had a romantic candlelit picnic in the Rodeo grounds sound-booth? Or the Valentines treasure-hunt that you organized for the us and the Clows, that ended up in the city? All the back road make-out sessions in our numerous vehicles throughout the years(We still have to inaugurate the van, at least, now that it's ours!!)? The little in home spa retreats that were always lit up with white lights and beautiful candles? Those Aero bars!? Sleepovers in the living room? Dates to the city, aunty Karens house, our favourite restaurant, Moxies? How about Westbank, Peachland, Kelowna, Tawasin and Victoria? The room of my teens? Cullicut Center, pools, beaches, change rooms and many other places along the way!?

All that to say, we have a lot of memories, you and I. I am lost in you and have my heart and soul in it. This may be scary at times but what would life be without a little risk. 

Love you Lots My Gorgeous Valentine!!
Happy Valentines Day!!


Kmarie said...

Great memories. Happy Valentines Day too my love:) Scary eh? hmmmm interesting...:) Well, glad your courage takes you to me.