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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Another Turn In The Road!

I know of no greater demobilizer to mankind, no thief so surreptitiousness as to snatch away the dreams of the young and old, then that of the fear of failure. 
I feel as though this is something that we all already know, however, this is a reminder well worth relaying here, now and on many more occasions. 

"However early you get up, you cannot hasten the dawn."

It is never an easy thing to live through a failure. In fact, it is down right gruesome. It hurts, it's lonely and humiliating. Even though there may be others to surround us with comfort and support, we still feel alone in our failures. In fact it is, as it often is, not until a later point that we can even fully comprehend that others were even a presence. And yet, we continue on somewhere, somehow, someway we persevere.? Miraculously, we manage to proceed in our daily proceedings. 

"We must learn to recognize, to value, to prize all the endless attempts it takes to do what we want to do, but which, for us, is still undoable."
Joan Chittister

It is only through the experience of failure that we learn to deal with them. In order to grow we must fail. A fruit tree will not bare the fruit that it was meant to, unless it is pruned, cut down and thinned out.  Once this ravaging has occurred, then and only then will the tree fully produce fruit, two fold it's previous. Liken onto that of a fruit tree, so we also must be thinned out, cut down and have the extra and unnecessary growths removed from our lives. It hurts us as we look and feel vulnerable, but we are all, the better for it.  

Living this life is a risk, one that is bound to bare some failures. What could we really enjoy in this life if we never had those moments of hardships. Those moments that, in-turn, magnify the good. 
Life is a risk. One we can not have truly lived, if not for that of our failures.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again." 

- Joan Chittister



Kmarie said...

This is a beautiful piece. I wish more people could see your soul and hear your wisdom but I hope I can fill that a bit. I love this. Great song too:)

CalledtoQuestion said...

I love you sweetheart, aside from the divine, you are the one who causes me to feel the most whole. Thank you for your words and your ever constant companionship. Your the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be reminded of the persevering part of life, when you don't know or remember that there are others alongside you.
Sorry I haven't visited for awhile - I was unable to access this site through your "portal" on your wife's site, so I thought maybe it was suddenly open only to a select few, for private reasons that I didn't want to pry into...but i enjoy your thoughts and appreciate your wisdom (and your wife's too ;)) You're a great team!
Keep persevering, and know there are people along side both of you - learning patience and wisdom is such a treadmill of those low spots - worth it in the end!

My Little Warriors said...

True thoughts! Without the rough patches how would we become strong? Like trees digging down their roots in a wind storm to become stronger for the next storm... And the grow to become mighty and withstand years of storms and have this magnificent beauty about them!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Miriam: Thanks for the encouragement and no worries. Your are very right, it is all worth it.
I was also thinking that the struggles we face are shared by others. What I mean by that is our struggles our not our own no matter how personal and individual they are. Let's look at what I previously stated, "Even though there may be others to surround us with comfort and support, we still feel alone in our failures. In fact, it is, as it often is, not until a later point that we can even fully comprehend that others were even a presence."
In our struggles, those struggles become that of the other, in that, though they're a presence with us we fail to see their true care, support and love. So thus, in helping us, they must also struggle, when we are often at our most self-absorbed selfs. Perhaps this is what makes relationships so great, That we are willing to take on the struggle of the other, without any immediate acknowledgement, in order that they may not be alone. It will be at a later date that they will recall that we were with them in their suffering. Thanks again

CalledtoQuestion said...

My Little Warriors:

Beautiful analogy. I love trees. Often I neglect to visualize the beauty of their roots. Trees have long been part our history not only in their presence, but also in story, spirit and breath. They are definitely a constant companion in our struggles. My biggest complaint of where I live, is that there are not enough trees.

Thanks for stopping by. Give my best to the family.

nyssa said...

so true!! I gave my daughter a quote on a piece of wood that stands on her desk.. it says, " what would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail?" Fear of failing is huge and so we often don't start anything at all. Failing can be one of our greatest gifts and means to growth.

CalledtoQuestion said...


Thanks for stopping by.

That is a good quote as well as a great gift. Sometimes I wish that my mind were likened to that of your gift, a constant reminder to focus and dwell on the important things in life.