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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alice In Wonderland

Today my wife and I watched, for the first time, the new, Alice In Wonderland, movie. I loved the fantastical fantasy of it all. What magic, what imagination and what a story. I'll be honest I have never seen or even read the entire story before. So, aside from seeing pieces of it here and there, this was my first real introduction to it. I had been mentioning it to my wife for the last week that we watch this movie. So, when a friend of ours shared with us, a couple of nights ago, that she had watched it and really enjoyed it, that was all we needed. We rented the movie, lay back in our living room and enjoyed the metamorphosis from this reality to a whole new one. 

There were some points of personal interest within the story that I would like to make note of. These may, or may not, be rather precarious points. I do not know if these were noted by few or maybe noticed by all, however, I will state them none-the-less.

1. Am I odd that I saw more beauty in the Red Queen's fortress and was not attracted, what so ever, to that of the White Queens?
2. I was sorely disappointed that all the company in the Red Queens court had faked their so called "abnormalities". I enjoyed the character that they all carried, not knowing what to expect, I was upset at the lose of those traits.
3. I really liked the Red Queen. I found her funny and intriguing. She had much more character then that of the White Queen.
4. I really enjoyed the moment when opposing armies dropped their weapons, fed up with fighting and longing for peace.
5. The point that, just because your different then most doesn't mean your less then anyone else. In fact those of whom we deem as different or odd are often 'much more muchier' then we ever expected and ourselves will ever be. I'll admit, I often feel different and/or like the odd one, perhaps, like the hatter, even Mad. 
The Hatter asks Alice, 
"Have I gone mad?"
 To which Alice replies, 
"I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But, I'll tell you a secret, 
all the best people are." 
This is not meant to sound like bragging, however, it is an honest feeling that I have within myself.

6. I love what the Hatter said to Alice,

 "You're not the same as you were before You were much more..."muchier" You've lost your "muchness"."

One thing that I am most often afraid of is losing my muchness, if I haven't lost it already. In fact, the truth is, I don't even know what that muchness is.

What is muchness? Have we lost it? Can we lose it? If we have, then where might we find it? 
These questions are oddly familiar to me.

Overall, a great movie. I recommend a watch if you have not seen this already or even a re-watch.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, too! And yes, we all enjoyed the Red Queen more than the White. White is BORING! A great many awesome thoughts; very insightful you are, like Yoda :) Muchness is an important trait to retain, and Mad is even more so!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Thanks, your right, White is boring. I agree, may we be as Mad as Mad can be!

May we be today as much muchier then much of that of yesterday and all the more the muchiest tomorrow then much of what was much today.Let us never lose our muchness, not a itsy-bitsy much, but much more gain the muchiest the muchier we must be such.

Kmarie said...

Your comment was my favourite part of this post. Dr. suess you are writing a book with this as your ending. I'll hold you to it. WOnderful movie- unexpectedly so...I could relate so much to Alice in this one. SO MUCH. Oh Alice...and the red queen was funny but cruel...Loved the mad Hatter. Simply wonderful.

nyssa said...

I loved this post! Now, I want to see the movie too. :) I loved your questions as well.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- It was wonderful, wasn't it. I enjoyed watching it with you. I love that we both are so similar, in that we often love to escape this reality and immerse ourselves into others. I love making that journey together with you.

Glynis- Thanks. It was well worth the watch. My brain seems to always be in constant motion, never ceasing its thoughts. It can be exhausting at times and it is for that reason that I rest in the watching. I love movies that transport the watcher into another place and time.