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Sunday, January 8, 2012


For the purpose of GOOD and EVILwe use words.  The GREATEST TRAVESTY, however, is when we waste them on MINDLESS DRIVEL! 

*Please note that I am in no way saying that I have come any where close to perfecting that of which I have said in the following. I view myself, not as better then anyone in this field, but rather as co-journeyers in the understanding of linguistics and the use there of.  I have much to work on in speech and in grammar as well. This is an area in which I hope to better myself. Thanks*

"Think Before You Speak" and "Actions Speak Louder Then Words" 
These are phrases we have heard before, but have we failed to look deeper into their meanings and to pass these understandings unto our children? 

Over the years as my three children grow, I have been teaching them, and learning myself, the value of words. To cherish and respect them as treasured instruments. 
Words are living…always evolving, whether quickly or over long periods of time. They are powerful and, as we have seen in history, have the ability to alter the future. They give hope, knowledge, and awareness. We have all heard, at young ages and in adulthood, from our parents, elders, and even peers that there are some words that are bad and should not be said. How many of us have had our mouths washed out with soap?
My children are learning that THERE ARE NO BAD WORDS!, only bad ways of using them. It is our attitudes, motives and reasoning's behind our speech that we must hold check, not the word. For this reason, many have become confused and unjustly accuse the word, and/or speech, of being foul… when all along it was the attitude behind it that they so disagreed with. My children thus learn to conduct their thoughts, feelings and speech in respect, honour and love of others as well as words. Attitude is not the only concern when using words, but also learning which words are most effective as well as understanding the social group they are in and the words that are best suited and respectable for that social setting. 

My family and I, thank God, have the privilege of making this journey together, for as far as I can remember, I was not taught this vital differentiation (At least not in this exact manner. This is no put down to my upbringing but rather a personal observation.). We view this as a more holistic approach to the use of and understanding of words and language. In this, one begins to realize and appreciate speech and thus becomes it.  

Language derives not only in the word but mostly within the heart.

Language, words and the use their of are of immense importance, I fear that I sound like an old dud when I say this... but in our age of abbreviations (txt) and grammatical brutality, in the form of short point information (twitter, facebook,) we may have deadened, not words, but our minds conceptualization of them and their use. *Please, I mean no offence to those of you who use these particular forms of communication. They have their place and importance, and like words they themselves are not bad, it is how and what they are used for that have made them a nauseant to some.

It is my hope that all those who have a presence in the lives of my children will likewise respect and cherish words, understanding that THERE ARE NO BAD WORDS, only bad ways of using them. Please, do not tell children or others that a word is bad, wicked or evil, but rather focus on how they may better handle their attitudes prior to the use there of and why they feel the need to use that and/or those words. 

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 Song choice- "Silence"  by Hans Zimmer


Kmarie said...

Oops Didn't realize you were signed it. I do that a lot:)
That was from me so erase it later:) Ha ha- you are full of yourself.
Love this. Obviously I agree. Words are a vessel of expression. I love all words except the name calling ones like stupid ect when used against some one...however I don't mind stupid when I can't open a stupid jar of pickles...
gutsy post. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I called a group of men "idiots" (in conversation with my hubby) and then wondered if that was like saying "You fool" and if I'm now going to HELL! ;p So...what I meant by the word, which was used very literally, was that people who cannot understand what empathy is and employ it when it is their "role" and "job" to do so, are "idiots" based on their actions toward others, or in this case, lack of action when it would have helped.
I think strong language is sometimes necessary to get the real meaning of words across, as occasionally becoming really angry, in order to wake people up to reality.
Thanks for the great thoughts. I've had a crazy week.
Look forward to the Fellowship.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie- Thanks babe, glad you enjoyed it. Funny, those words we use for name calling. We think that someone is ACTUALLY those things, which they may very well be, but we often forget the more important, perhaps most vital issue, that is our feelings. We tend to ignore the fact that it is our feelings that make us perceive others as being such. These feelings may have been stirred up by these individuals, but it always helps to understand that no person is truly that of which we say they are.

Miriam- I agree, there are definite times for use of strong language, unfortunately, there are not enough of those who are brave enough to do so. I commend those that can, as it is often a thankless gift.