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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It Was A Night Around Christmas

- The above was created by David Hayward
Visit his site, click his name, to see other great cartoons.

*I know that this is a little bit late in the season, however, it is worth posting.*

The other day I came across this poem at randywoodley. I enjoyed the rawness of it and the fresh perspective that it presented. Often Christmas can become mundane and overdone, so much so that I sometimes lose interest in it. This year I learned a few more things about the christmas season that I had not otherwise known. There are things that weren't and aren't taught to the children, youth and even adults within churches, along as without, about some of the ways the christmas season came to be.

It Was A Night Around Christmas 
It was a night around Christmas, in a crowded old cave
With camels and horses and cattle she laid
Knocked up by the Spirit, baby daddy beside
Psycho girl in some trouble, or maybe she lied
No time for a cleaning, no time for midwife
The stable was plenty for this baby’s life
Creation around him to welcome him in
The One who created them all back way back when
Looking for something or someone so grand
The shepherds crossed over oppressor man’s land
Kept out of the courts, their injustice not heard
He trusted them scoundrels to spread the first word
Representing creation, a pretty good crowd
Some shepherds, and cattle, and mice and some foul
A poor pregnant virgin, a blue-collar man
And wealthy Star Gazers from Iraq or Iran
All witness a Jew-baby, once who’d been King
And creator, and communist divinity
Calling back all creation, calling all strangers home
Bedded in a camel spit and mouse feces throne
A man for the poor, the outcast, the oppressed
For women and Gentiles and all of the rest
For earth and creation, for animals too
For those who just need him, like me and like you.
It was a night around Christmas, in a crowded old cave
When God gave up Jesus to the World he had made.
written by and posted here with the permission of randywoodley
Any thoughts...?


* song choice is the 'first noel'  by the Black Label Society


Shellzie said...

Indeed it was not a clean comfortable place for sure. As I stick my head out the back door on any given day and smell that foul "air Canada" from the farm south of us, I realize the smell in that filthy place would have been overwhelming. The shepherds with their own odors, but, it was a holy place because of that Baby (King of Kings and Lord of Lords)Emanuel, God with us. I worship at your feet, dear Christ and thank you for coming to save us from the stench of our sin.
Thank you, Phil for reminding us of what He did for us.

Kmarie said...

Very true. The perfect needs to come out to give way for true grace, the beauty in the flawed, miraculous and mysterious..

Anonymous said...

That just made my nose imagine something awful - yes, "those were the days" - very different from how we celebrate it. No fanfare for the biggest event in history. I love how God works,getting big things done His way, without radio or newspapers or facebook (thank Heavens) to announce the event, just stars and angels and shepherds and wise men...whatever works.
Most of all, a baby - who knew that could work? And young, inexperienced, uneducated parents raising God? Yikes! He's certainly got a thing for risk-taking.
Me too. Maybe I take after Him?
I enjoyed the poem and thoughts, and was like you this year, thinking "Do we really have to do this again?" And we did - yay; and we're done - double-yay!

CalledtoQuestion said...

Shellzie- Thanks for stopping by and your welcome. Always good to be reminded. Got to love that smell of those farm fields.

Kmarie - Like what you said... you got a great mind. I must be rubbing off on you. ha ha.

Miriam - I am relieved the season has comes to its end as well.