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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Live Theatre-It's Just Like My Life

My family and I, along with my father and mother in-law, went to watch some community theatre. The local theatre group was putting on the production of "The Sound of Music".

I love going to community theatre, it is refreshing to see live un-tampered acting. I don't know if one can really compare live theatre to the acting and productions we watch on movies and/or television and I wouldn't even say it is better or worse.  If there ever was to be a comparison, I would view it as such.... Community theatre is like eating a carrot just freshly pulled from the ground, rinsed in the sink and then CRUNCH! and still, even though being washed, a little flavouring of soil remains. It is FRESH! It is REAL! And without a doubt, it is AUTHENTIC.  This is live and community theatre.

The other, I have found, is more like the packages of carrots you buy at the local grocery store. They were removed from the soil long before you ever pick them up. They have been packaged, shipped and handled. They are good, but they are not fresh. The value of the carrot, for the most part, still remains. One can still receive from it some notable good. Lessons will be learned, examples bestowed, tears shed, joy declared and hearts will be moved. However, while what we see come to us from the likes of Hollywood, and other media types, is no less impacting, they do lack the real presence of the person. In their attempts for flawlessness they have disregarded, and thus lost, the nutrients of whatever soil does remain on that freshly pulled carrot. The flaws of live theatre are a constant reminder to us that life is NOT perfect. We are flawed people living flawed lives and that is what makes it beautiful.

I have to admit that when I watch live theatre I find myself being a critic, it's not always bad, but I always have to check myself with what I am comparing it to. To Hollywood? My own life? How I think life should be? I don't entirely know, but this I do know I am thankful for those flaws, those forgotten lines, off key notes, missed dance steps and those intermittent, but always comical, voice cracks.



Kmarie said...

I love you. I love that ( voice cracking ect) in live theatre. I love seeing the humanness. The smiles they try to hide. I like seeing the inner joy of simply being. You know how you said that you admire how I can get lost in any production and I never am a critic? It's true. But it is just who I am. I like that you are who YOU are. That even though you can be a critic, you choose to correct yourself. That takes strength...probably more strength than seeing the beauty everywhere and getting lost in it.
I love your wisdom. Your willingness to be wrong is probably my favourite character feature. I have never met a man so full of grace and equality. When I have no more hope you give me some.

Thanks love for this post. I love the way you write. So different from me. ( The carrots thing was great:)

Mister A Muses said...

I posted a comment but don't know if it went through. Invite you to visit my Blogger site as well. I COULD reactivate it if it were gettting read.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Kmarie - I love you to. I am glad and willing to be wrong so that others may enjoy the rare moments of being right! Ha Ha. I do admire how you get lost in the drama. You are a Rare gift me sweets.

CalledtoQuestion said...

Mr. M - Your comment did not go through and I would love to visit your blog!

Mister A Muses said...

My comments were as follows: Good points and well expressed.

BUT, I found the print difficult to read because of the "background" writing and the colour and/or the size of the font is too light or small. But I do have trifocals...
Can you click on my name to get you to my blog? But I think I have another one also under Blogger. Same name I think. I'll check it out.

Mister A Muses said...

Looks like I have ended up with two Blogger accounts. this might get you to my other site. Unless it is my own account.
I suppose I should try to combine and then eliminate one.

Trish said...

love the post Phil. In my profession we call what you are describing as...
ORGANIC.... Grin. Seems to work well with what you are describing too.!